The Russians were told how they can be found by phone number

MOSCOW, 5 Oct – PRIME. Ordinary citizens cannot find out the location of a smartphone user by a unique device number on their own, this requires a request from government agencies, Alexander Novikov, head of the research, cyberanalytics and development service of T1 Group, told the Prime agency.

You are being eavesdropped: who is being followed on the phone and how to understand it

“It is impossible to obtain information about the location of a person on a smartphone, knowing the unique EMEI number of the device and the phone number. Cellular operators do not transmit data about the location of the subscriber upon a simple request, this can only be found within the office work of government agencies,” he noted.

With the help of special applications installed on a smartphone, you can find out the location, for example, of children and elderly relatives.

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“Consistent transmission of location data over reliable communication channels can be useful, for example, helping parents to keep abreast of the child’s movements,” Novikov said.

But if such data is available to fraudsters, then it is possible to use it for manipulation in various illegal schemes, the expert warned.

As for the phone number, a lot of personal information of the subscriber is associated with it. “To register a SIM card, you need a passport, and when registering in social networks and instant messengers, you must specify a phone number. Accordingly, a phone number can help you get information about a person. If the number is saved in contacts, then in messengers, for example, Telegram, Viber, WhatsApp, as As a rule, you can immediately see the name, surname, account avatar.If the account has a photo of the owner on the avatar, then using Yandex or Google Images, you can find links to accounts in social networks and not only in them, ”said the agency’s interlocutor.

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An attempt to transfer through a mobile bank using a phone number, even without performing the operation itself, will allow you to find out the name, patronymic and the first letter of the recipient’s last name.

He added that a less well-known way to get information by phone number is various telegram bots, into which information gets due to various incidents related to information leaks.

He recalled the importance of observing the rules of cyber hygiene: to be attentive to your own data and try to minimize their publication in open areas. “For example, in social networks and instant messengers, you can register under a pseudonym or carefully monitor privacy settings in open areas, perhaps get a separate SIM card for registration with banks and government agencies. This will somewhat complicate the search for sensitive information, but the risk of compromising data in the event of mass leaks is still preserved,” the expert explained. Therefore, it is important to remember, especially when communicating on the phone, that a person who introduced himself, for example, as a bank employee, can receive a lot of information about you even from open sources. No need to be led by emotions – interrupt the call, dial the number of the official communication channel and get reliable information.

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