Cash-settled bitcoin futures contracts also available on Bakkt

Cash-settled bitcoin futures contracts also available on Bakkt

Bakkt launches Bitcoin cash liquidity futures contracts on December 9

Bakkt has officially announced that it will release cash-settled bitcoin futures contracts on December 9. They will be available through the ICE branch in Singapore.

Specifically, the contracts will be sold through ICE Futures and will be liquidated through ICE Clear Singapore, both regulated by the Monetary Authority of Singapore.

Currently, CME is the only provider of cash-settled bitcoin futures contracts. Also on December 9, Bakkt plans to launch option contracts. The CME rival launches on January 13th.

Kraken launches mobile app for futures contracts

On November 21, Kraken announced it would introduce a mobile version of its futures trading application. It will be available on both iOS and Android platforms.

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According to its website, Kraken Futures is a professional trading platform for crypto derivatives. It offers leverage of up to 50x, while offering seamless transfers between spot and futures markets.

Users will be able to connect with a QR code to view live order records and price charts. They will also be able to handle open positions and open controls. In addition to the new application functions, Kraken will pay a weekly fee of 30% of the net commissions to active traders.

Chainalysis reduces its employees by 20%

According to Coindesk, the analytics company Chainalysis laid off 39 employees, about 20 percent of the workforce. The decision was taken to increase the company’s profits, with the official launch of its products on the market. The total number of employees of the company is currently 155.

Chainalysis specializes in investigations into illegal activities and involves cryptocurrencies. They frequently collaborate with American authorities and beyond.

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This is one of the biggest waves of layoffs in the industry this year. Other companies made similar decisions – Circle fired in May 30 employees, or 10 percent of the workforce. This month, Israeli startup Colu fired 13 people – 30 percent of its staff.

The central bank of China is launching a crypto exchange investigation campaign

The central bank of China has officially announced that it will conduct a crypto exchange investigation campaign.

According to the official announcement, the regulator said it would “adopt monitoring measures, such as interviews, inspections and bans on monitored entities involved in virtual currency activities to resolve the risks in a timely manner.”

The central bank’s investigation department has already conducted inspections at several headquarters of crypto companies this week.

The news again had a negative effect on the crypto market. Bitcoin has dropped below $ 7,200, up 10 percent. The other cryptocurrencies also fell between 10 and 20 percent, and the total market valuation fell below $ 200 billion.

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