Web 3.0 can ensure the adoption of cryptocurrency in Africa

Web 3.0 can ensure the adoption of cryptocurrency in Africa

Cryptocurrency is more than just the rate or technology. The real success depends on adoption: how many people use cryptocurrency worldwide? One way to make bitcoin and cryptocurrency more user-friendly is to make wallets more accessible. But for some users, wallets are still a barrier. That is why web browsers are also working on the adoption of cryptocurrency.

Opera browser offers support for bitcoin, tron ​​and ether

In October, web browser Opera launched support to store bitcoin (BTC) and tron ​​(TRX) and use it in transactions. Earlier you could manage ether and ERC-20 tokens with Opera. According to Opera, the browser is therefore completely ready for Web 3.0. With Web 3.0, various functions are integrated in a browser.

With Opera this means that you no longer have to switch applications to pay for a product or service with cryptocurrency. That is all processed in the browser, and this in turn ensures that a threshold is removed when paying with cryptocurrency. Another step is that more webshops accept bitcoin, but we are not there yet.

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Preparing the African market for bitcoin?

Figures from Opera show that 350 million people worldwide use the browser. And also interesting, 120 million users are in Africa. The team behind Opera focuses on the African continent with a lighter browser, the Opera Mini. That’s because of the high internet costs there, in Benin for example you pay twenty dollars per GB.

It may be interesting that Opera focuses on Africa. When we take the figures from Google, we see that interest in bitcoin in Africa is high. In the past year, relatively much bitcoin is being searched for in Nigeria, South Africa and Ghana compared to other countries in the world. That is not surprising, there is hyperinflation in Nigeria. Residents therefore look for alternatives such as bitcoin.

One of the use cases of cryptocurrency in Africa can be the fast-growing gambling market. The total gambling market of Kenya, Nigeria and South Africa combined was around $ 37 billion in 2018, as estimated by Quartz Africa.

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For example, gambling is possible with the Tron Wink app. Justin Sun, CEO of Tron, explains in an interview with Cointelegraph about the possibilities of Wink:

“Users can easily use the Opera browser to play Wink by logging in to Wink.org. And all without the use of third-party cryptowallets. We expect to integrate more Tron dApps into Opera in a similar way in the future. “

No concrete figures about the use

Speaking of gambling, there are unfortunately no concrete figures about the use of the cryptowallet in the Opera browser. So you can only use the cryptowallet in the “Opera Browser with free VPN” for Android and “Opera Touch” for iOS. Due to the number of users, the Opera browser has the potential to introduce a large part of the world to bitcoin. If no one uses the Opera cryptowallet, the adoption of bitcoin and cryptocurrency is still far away.

It is also difficult to access cryptocurrency via the Opera browser. Then you might as well use BLOX. BLOX is the Dutch all-in-one cryptocurrency app for your smartphone. Buy, sell and manage the most popular cryptocurrencys of the moment, all from your pocket.

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