CPU cooler for Ryzen: All conversion kits for socket AM4

CPU-Kühler für Ryzen: Umrüst-Kits für AMDs Sockel AM4 im Überblick

With the launch of AMD's AM4 platform for Ryzen 7 1800X, 1700X and 1700, many providers of CPU coolers are offering free and paid installation kits for retrofitting. BitcoinMinersHashrate provides an overview of the announced possibilities of numerous manufacturers and details about the ordering process.

That changes with the AM4 socket

With the AM4 socket, the alignment of the mounting holes for CPU coolers, which are screwed to a backplate on the back of the mainboard, was changed. The holes are now closer together in the longitudinal direction, and the width is wider than before. This means that older coolers are not compatible with the backplate unless the backplate offers scope. Therefore, manufacturers offer new assembly material and upgrade kits for such models.

The following figure illustrates the change and also shows a special case: The motherboard manufacturer Asus has also provided holes in accordance with the AM3 standard for the new Crosshair Hero VI with the AM4 socket and thus also allows the use of coolers without AM4 compatibility.

Mounting holes for AM4 and AM3 (both are available from Asus)

Coolers with retaining clips are already compatible

For CPU coolers, which are attached to the retention module of the AMD mainboard by means of retaining clips, and no rear screwing (backplate) is required, nothing changes with the AM4 socket. The retaining lugs on the retention module have the same distance as for the AM3 (+) and FM2 (+) sockets.

Problems with AM4 backplates as mainboard accessories

Tom's hardware reports that the "some leading motherboard manufacturers“With the backplates included with the AM4 motherboards have a thread that is too long. The screw therefore reaches the attachment point too early and the contact pressure on the cooler can be insufficient. It is believed that AMD reported the new positioning but not the ideal thread height. An official statement as confirmation or details on the scope of the problem is not yet available. CPU coolers that have their own backplate should not be affected.

Current information from the manufacturers of A-Z

The information currently available from manufacturers on AM4 compatibility and any conversion kits is continuously listed. A separate article section is dedicated to each manufacturer, so readers can go directly to the desired topic via the table of contents. The article will be added successively. Various requests were made. In addition to the Ryzen CPUs and Raven Ridge APUs based on Zen, the AM4 socket also accommodates the Bristol Ridge APUs.


In time for Ryzen's market launch, Alphacool wants to offer retrofit kits for its own water coolers. Details are not yet available. One model obviously already supports the new base: The XPX ice block is already advertised on the manufacturer's product page with AM4 compatibility. Addendum: Alphacool has confirmed that the XPX ice block is already AM4 compatible. Models from the XP³ and Eisbaer series are to be retrofitted with an assembly kit.

Addendum 2: In the meantime, two assembly kits for the Eisbaer / be quiet! Silent Loop and NexXxoS XP³ are available for EUR 7.80 each.


Antec still has little details to report on the subject. At least upgrade kits for the coolers H600 Pro, H1200 Pro and "all newer and upcoming models" provided in promising. The kits are expected to reach Europe in March and will be available from Antec's RMA team upon presentation of proof of purchase for the cooler. Contact is possible via the support website or by email ([email protected]).

Addendum: In the meantime, Antec has expanded the list of CPU coolers that receive an upgrade kit. The list is as follows:

  • H600 Pro
  • H1200 Pro
  • C400
  • C40
  • A40 Pro

Aqua computer

The water coolers from Aqua Computer are converted to AM4. New models with AM4 compatibility ex works are in the works and will soon be available in the manufacturer's shop at the same prices as the LGA2011 coolers. Conversion kits will be in the course of the first quarter "for all coolers of the past 16 years" give. The prices of the sets should be between 9.90 and 14.90 euros depending on the cooler.


The majority of Arctic coolers are compatible with the AM4 base without any adjustments thanks to the AMD retention module. For models in the Freezer Axx series, there will only be AM4 compatibility with the successors. The Freezer A30 runs out, Freezer A11 and Freezer A32 are replaced by Freezer 12 and Freezer 33. Addendum: Arctic has announced that an upgrade kit for the Liquid Freezer series will be available in April. Addendum 2: Customers can now request the "Extension Kit" for the water coolers from [email protected]. In addition, Arctic now names the Freezer Xtreme air cooler as already AM4 compatible. Addendum 3: Arctic now lists the AM4-compatible coolers on the website.

be quiet!

Models that are installed using the AMD retention module pre-assembled on many AM4 motherboards are already compatible without additional measures. According to the manufacturer, this applies to the Pure Rock, Pure Rock Slim and Shadow Rock LP models.

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For other coolers that are mounted with a backplate, be quiet! from now on a conversion kit that can be ordered free of charge on presentation of the proof of purchase via an order form. The AM4 conversion kit is available for the Dark Rock 3, Dark Rock Pro 3, Dark Rock TF, Shadow Rock 2 and Shadow Rock Slim air coolers. AM4 assembly bridges for the new compact water cooling systems of the Silent Loop series can also be requested free of charge from the same website.

In the course of the year, all of the models named “successively equipped ex works with an AM4 compatible mounting kit“So that the conversion kit will no longer be necessary for new customers in the future.

Cool master

Upon request, Cooler Master explained that the Hyper T4 and TX3 Evo models are already compatible. For a whole series of the CPU coolers from the manufacturer, an assembly kit should be available free of charge (plus shipping) from the CMStore from March. The Hyper 103 and V8 models are excluded. Various existing models are to be included in the scope of delivery for new production starting in February.

AM4 upgrade kit
AM4 upgrade kit (Image: Cooler Master)

Addendum: Cooler Master has now launched a microsite with further information on AM4 compatibility and ordering upgrade kits. In addition, the manufacturer has stated that the upgrade kits will be provided to existing customers free of charge (plus shipping) for at least one year.

AM4 compatibility and upgrade path
AM4 compatibility and upgrade path (Image: Cooler Master)

The following CPU coolers from Cooler Master are not AM4 compatible and do not receive an upgrade kit:

  • Hyper 103
  • MasterLiquid Maker 92
  • GeminII series & V8 ver.2 (formerly V8 GTS)


According to Corsair, the following AiO water coolers are already AM4 compatible:

  • Corsair Hydro H60 (CWCH60)
  • Corsair Hydro H100i (CW-9060009-WW)
  • Corsair Hydro H110i (CW-9060026-WW)

Corsair offers an upgrade kit for the following models:

  • Corsair Hydro H50
  • Corsair Hydro H55
  • Corsair Hydro H75
  • Corsair Hydro H80i v2 (H80i GT)
  • Corsair Hydro H90
  • Corsair Hydro H100i v2 (H100i GTX)
  • Corsair Hydro H105
  • Corsair Hydro H110i GTX
  • Corsair Hydro H115i

The upgrade kit is available in the manufacturer's shop for 4.71 euros. It can be ordered free of charge when entering a code for a limited time. The code is available on the Ryzen landing page.


The manufacturer Cryorig also offers a free option for retrofitting AM4 compatibility. Upon presentation of the purchase receipt or the registration number for the CPU cooler as well as proof of purchase for an AM4 CPU (e.g. Ryzen) or an AM4 mainboard, the upgrade kit can be ordered via the contact address [email protected]. After the market launch of the AM4 platform, the existing models are to be delivered ex works with the appropriate assembly material.

The manufacturer's press release provides further details.

Addendum: Cryorig has released further details on AM4 compatibility and upgrade kits in another press release. Coolers that support the AM4 base by default should receive a sticker that says "AMD Ryzen supported". In addition, a contact form is now available for ordering a free (including shipping) upgrade kit. It is important to select the correct kit version for the cooler (see illustration).

AM4 compatibility and upgrade kits
AM4 compatibility and upgrade kits (Image: Cryorig)

CRYORIG will offer the AM4 upgrade kit completely free of charge to all existing and new customers of products with AMD support. This applies to all existing and upcoming CRYORIG products such as: R1 Universal / Ultimate, C1, H5 Universal / Ultimate, H7, H7 Quad Lumi, M9a, C7, A40, A40 Ultimate and A80.


AM4 mounting kit from Cryorig
AM4 mounting kit from Cryorig (Image: Cryorig)

Deep Cool

Deepcool has published a list of AM4 compatibility for its own air and water coolers. If you are interested in an upgrade kit, the manufacturer refers to local dealers who should be contacted in this case.

Upgrade Guide
Upgrade guide (Image: Deepcool)


Compatibility should also be ensured for the water coolers from the manufacturer EK Water Blocks (EKWB) at the market launch of the AM4 platform. From now on, EKWB offers the mounting plate Supremacy AMD and the EK Supremacy EVO backplate in a revised version with AM4 compatibility – but these are not free of charge.

Socket AM4 brings a new position of the mounting holes
Socket AM4 brings new position of the mounting holes with it (Image: EKWB)

A graphic from the manufacturer illustrates the changed positioning of the mounting holes compared to the AM3 + to check whether one of the new products is required. As of January 9, 2017, new customers should already receive the appropriate assembly material when ordering cooling blocks from the EK-Supremacy EVO series. AM4 compatibility is also announced for the following kits:

  • EK-KIT S (any variant)
  • EK-KIT L (any revision; any variant)
  • EK-KIT P (any variant)
  • EK-KIT X (any variant)

Further details can be found in the manufacturer's announcement.

EKL / Alpenföhn

Upon request, the manufacturer EKL, which is behind the Alpenföhn coolers, explained that some products such as the Ben Nevis or Sella tower coolers, which have a “clip attachment” for AMD sockets, are already compatible with the AM4. Other products are to be successively supplemented by AM4 fastening material in the scope of delivery. EKL did not send a list of compatible or incompatible models.

There will also be a corresponding upgrade kit to convert the incompatible coolers. Details of the provision or any costs are not yet available.

Addendum: Visitors to the Alpenföhn homepage are now greeted by the following information:

The "Ben Nevis" and "Sella" of socket AM4 are already compatible with our Alpenföhn products.

We will offer a corresponding upgrade kit for our current products from our distribution partners www.caseking.de and www.alternate.de as soon as possible.

For buyers of an Alpenföhn product from 01/01/2017, where the AM4 components are not yet included, we will offer the required upgrade kit on socket AM4 free of charge as soon as available. Please use the spare parts requirement form on our homepage and write "UpgradeKit AM4" in the problem description field.



Addendum: Enermax has sent the editors a compatibility list that affects both the AM4 socket and Intel's new LGA2066 socket. Accordingly, further models receive AM4 upgrade kits.

Compatibility with AM4 and LGA2066 at Enermax
Compatibility with AM4 and LGA2066 at Enermax (Image: Enermax)

The corresponding announcement from Enermax does not go into individual models. Rather, we are talking about all Enermax CPU coolers with the exception of the Liqtech120X (ELC-LT120X-HP). Ordering the AM4 conversion kit is also free of charge upon presentation of proof of purchase. The manufacturer points out that the assembly kits will be available at the market launch of the AM4 mainboards or at the latest from March 1, 2017. To order, please refer to the official support website. Addendum: The link now leads directly to the support form, which provides further details.

Fractal design

Fractal Design offers an upgrade kit for all AiO water coolers of the Kelvin series. The kit is free of charge, provided that the customer can provide proof of purchase for the cooler as well as an purchased AM4 mainboard. The order is placed via a support ticket.

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Lepa is part of the Enermax subsidiary Coolergiant. Accordingly, the reference to the new conversion kits is similar. Here, too, the offer applies to all models with one exception: the kit does not exist for the EXllsuion240 (LPWEL240-HF).

Compatibility with AM4 and LGA2066 at Lepa
Compatibility with AM4 and LGA2066 at Lepa (Image: Lepa)

Instead of an online form, Lepa refers to the support email address ([email protected]) or the telephone hotline at +49 40 81995 729. Contact should only be made when the conversion kits are available Lepa exactly as Enermax states with the availability of the AM4 boards or from March 1st.


Noctua had already announced free conversion kits at Computex 2016.

Addendum from May 24th, 2017: Noctua will also provide assembly upgrade kits for the low-profile coolers NH-L9a and NH-L9i free of charge upon presentation of proof of purchase. Alternatively, these are also available without a receipt for EUR 7.90. The table at the end of the section has been supplemented.

Two different SecuFirm2 mounting upgrades are offered for the AM4 socket. A list illustrates which cooler models and which kit is available. The Noctua article provides details on the conditions for receiving the free retrofit kit.

In addition, the assembly kits are to be offered without such receipts in specialist shops at a price of 7.90 euros.

addendum: In the meantime, Noctua has announced the models NH-D15, NH-U12S and NH-L9x65 as a new "special edition" with the suffix SE-AM4, which includes mounting material for the AM4 base.

Noctua's AM4 mounting kit
Noctua's AM4 mounting kit (Image: Noctua)

The SecuFirm2 mounting system for AM4 was specially developed for the new base to ensure the best compatibility, perfect contact pressure and simple, uncomplicated installation. The NM-AM4 and NM-AM4-UxS sets each contain two different types of mounting brackets, with which the cooler can also be installed rotated by 90 ° to enable optimal alignment within the air flow in the housing.


Upon request, NoFan stated that the CR-95C cooler will not be AM4 compatible, so a kit is not planned. In addition, it was admitted that only compatibility with the younger model CR-80EH is currently being considered. As soon as a decision is made, this should be announced on the manufacturer's website.


The Kraken series AiO water coolers receive an upgrade kit. This will ensure compatibility with the AMD sockets AM4, AM3 and AM2, explains NZXT. Availability will be on March 15, around two weeks after the launch of AMD Ryzen. Owners of the octopus coolers listed below can pre-order the kit via a support ticket with the topic "AM4 Bracket Support". Attached proof of purchase for the cooler and an AM4 mainboard are required for free delivery. The FAQ pages of NZXT provide further details. From mid-March, the coolers will be successively equipped with AM4 assembly material ex works. However, it may take until mid or late May until these are available locally.

These NZXT coolers receive an AM4 bracket:

  • Octopus X31
  • Octopus X41
  • Octopus X61
  • Octopus X42
  • Octopus X52
  • Octopus X62
AM4 octopus cooler upgrade kit
AM4 upgrade kit for octopus coolers (Image: NZXT)


Upon presentation of proof of purchase for the cooler and the new CPU, Phanteks plans to provide a free upgrade kit for all models. The only exception is the PH-TC90LS model, which is only intended for Intel CPUs. A press release with further details will follow shortly.

Addendum: Customers outside of the United States can request upgrade kits at [email protected].

Upgrade kits for the AM4 socket
Upgrade kits for the AM4 socket (Image: Phanteks)


So far there is no AM4 compatibility for Prolimatech's CPU cooler. The manufacturer had mentioned an adapter kit for the Armageddon, Genesis and Megahalems models to the editors in January 2017, but to date (as of May 2017) there is no trace of this. The manufacturer has not yet responded to further inquiries.


As Raijintek has announced, all air coolers are to be made AM4 compatible on request via a retrofit kit. The new assembly material should be requested on presentation of proof of purchase via the contact address [email protected]. This will then be sent free of charge.

addendum: The free offer obviously no longer applies, because the manufacturer now refers to the 2.90 euro AM4 mounting set, which can be obtained from Caseking. The models Aidos, Ereboss, Pallas, Themis and Tisis are listed as compatible.

However, there will be no retrofitting for the compact water cooler of the Triton series. Instead, a revised successor with AM4 support is being planned.


Scythe has provided the editors with a list of compatible models and coolers that will receive an upgrade kit. Models like Shuriken and Katana 4 are already compatible thanks to the clip system (without backplate). The first conversion kit for the Mugen 5 with HPMS-II mounting system will be available at the beginning of March to match the launch of the first Ryzen CPUs. The kit is available free of charge upon presentation of proof of purchase for the cooler and the AM4 CPU or the AM4 mainboard. Models with the first generation of the HPMS system, including Mugen 4 and Ninja 4, should also receive a kit in March or April, but this will cost 3.99 euros (including shipping). The order is processed using a support form.

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In the support forum, Scythe also explicitly denied an upgrade option to AM4 for some older models. The table summarizes the information currently available.


Starting in March, all Thermalright CPU coolers will be supplied with mounting material for the AM4 socket. For customers who already own a cooler from the manufacturer, it should also start in March "free retrofit kits" give. The kits are available in two versions: one for the models in the Macho and True Spirit series and one for models in the Archon, Silver Arrow and their predecessors (HighRiser, Ultra). In this way it should be possible "practically all Thermalright coolers of the past 10 years“Can also be used on the new AMD processors from AMD. Further details should follow in time for the market launch of the CPUs or with the availability of the upgrade kits.

addendum: Thermalright has now officially announced the AM4 upgrade kits. An illustration should help to check whether there is already a compatibility. As the manufacturer has now stated, contrary to previous statements, the delivery of AM4 assembly material had already started at the beginning of the year. So there is a possibility that new customers already have the right material for the new AMD socket.

Thermalright illustrates which assembly material is required for the AM4 base
Thermalright illustrates which assembly material is required for the AM4 base (Image: Thermalright)

For all other customers, there is the option of requesting an upgrade kit by presenting a proof of purchase using the contact form or email ([email protected]). The kit is free, but the shipping costs are borne by the customer. The manufacturer expects availability from the second week of March, but it is already possible to reserve. The announcement of February 22nd on Thermalright.de provides further details.


The manufacturer Thermaltake provided the editors with a list of CPU coolers that should receive an upgrade kit. Details on the delivery of the kit are not yet available. From the production date March 2017, the models listed should also be AM4-compatible ex works.

Addendum: Thermaltake is now offering three different upgrade kits for $ 6.99 each. Additional shipping costs apply to customers outside the United States.

  • CL-W022-CU00BL-A Pacific W1
  • CL-W095-CU00TR-A Pacific W3
  • CL-W139-CU00SW-A Pacific W4 RGB
  • CL-P001-AL12RE-A NiC L31
  • CL-P002-AL14RE-A NiC L32
  • CL-P001-AL12BL-B Frio Silent 12
  • CL-P002-AL14BL-B Frio Silent 14
  • CLP0598 Contac 16
  • CLP0600 Contac 21
  • CL-P021-CA12BU-A Riing Silent 12 Pro Blue
  • CL-P021-CA12RE-A Riing Silent 12 Pro Red
  • CL-P022-AL12BU-A Riing Silent 12 Blue
  • CL-P022-AL12RE-A Riing Silent 12 Red
  • CLP0607 NiC C4
  • CLP0608 NiC C5
  • CLW0222-B Water 3.0 Performer C
  • CLW0224-B Water 3.0 Extreme S
  • CL-W007-PL12BL-A Water 3.0 Ultimate
  • CL-W107-PL12SW-A Water 3.0 Riing RGB 240
  • CL-W108-PL12SW-A Water 3.0 Riing RGB 360
  • CL-W138-PL14RE-A Water 3.0 Riing Red 280
  • CL-W138-PL14SW-A Water 3.0 Riing RGB 280
  • CL-W150-PL14RE-A Water 3.0 Riing Red 140

Cool Water

Conversion kits for Watercool's Heatkiller III and Heatkiller IV water coolers should be available at the launch of AMD Ryzen. Depending on the version, the price will be between 10 and 15 euros.

Addendum: The kits for Heatkiller 3.0 and for Heatkiller IV are now available. The prices are around 14 and 20 euros (plus shipping). The AMD version of the Heatkiller IV only requires new retaining plates that can be ordered for around 10 euros.

Heatkiller IV for AM4
Heatkiller IV for AM4 (Image: Watercool)


The water cooling systems from the manufacturer XSPC are also made fit for the AM4 base. The manufacturer has announced upgrade kits for RayStorm models that date back to 2011. In addition, the new RayStorm Pro AM4 Waterblock will be directly compatible. The availability of the kits was promised for early March.

AM4 upgrade kit for RayStorm "class =" border-image
AM4 upgrade kit for RayStorm

AM4 upgrade kit for RayStorm Pro "class =" border-image
AM4 upgrade kit for RayStorm Pro

RayStorm Pro AM4 "class =" border-image
RayStorm Pro AM4


Zalman has released a list of models that are already AM4 compatible and CPU coolers that will receive an upgrade kit. Currently (April) the availability is simply "soon"Specified. Further details are missing.

Boxed coolers from AMD

Some of the new Ryzen CPUs from AMD are also supplied in a variant with a suitable cooler. AMD offers this boxed cooler for Ryzen in three variants, which differ in performance and volume.

The new and old Wraith coolers in comparison
AMD boxed cooler for Ryzen

The boxed cooler for AMD Ryzen "class =" border-image
The boxed cooler for AMD Ryzen

The boxed cooler for AMD Ryzen "class =" border-image
The boxed cooler for AMD Ryzen

The boxed cooler for AMD Ryzen "class =" border-image
The boxed cooler for AMD Ryzen

Further information on AMD Ryzen

The Ryzen topic page provides current information about AMD Ryzen and the new AM4 platform. At this point there is a reference to the detailed test report with benchmarks and comparisons as well as the overview articles on the new AM4 mainboards:

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