Editor-in-chief Forbes believes that bitcoin helps against authoritarian governments

Editor-in-chief Forbes believes that bitcoin helps against authoritarian governments

The chairman and chief editor of Forbes, Steve Forbes, is very positive about bitcoin. He calls bitcoin a “high-tech call for help” driven by a lack of confidence in traditional currencies.

New media meets old media

He made his statements during a podcast with Ark Invest CEO Cathie Wood. “The challenge for bitcoin is to become just as reliable as gold. Gold has been able to work for thousands of years on the image of reliable. “

From steak to dog food

Forbes, by the way, talks about the mobility of the bitcoin course: “Steak one day, dog food the next day.” Nevertheless, he shows that he understands the role of bitcoin. Not only the current role, but also what bitcoin can potentially mean for financial markets:

“Bitcoin has played a major role in helping people in emergency situations around the world. Think of bypassing governments that want to control you and starve you and hurt you. ”

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His progressive views on cryptocurrency and bitcoin are somewhat surprising. Forbes is after all the magazine that has traditionally (since 1917 been) focused primarily on traditional markets.

More support from unexpected sources

Forbes is not the only one who secretly has a crush on bitcoin. Jack Dorsey is the big man at Twitter. He is also the boss of Square, an American payment service. He says he buys bitcoin for ten thousand dollars every week.

Bitcoin is also increasingly recognized in the sports world. NBA basketball player Spencer Dinwiddie even went so far as to want to award his contract. This way, everyone can invest in their sports career.

Another famous sportsman and bitcoin maximalist is Russel Okung. He plays American Football in the NFL. After the sports season he is very active on bitcoin twitter and teaches NFL players about the benefits of bitcoin. He also argues for receiving his salary in bitcoin. He also organizes meetups in Los Angeles to encourage bitcoin adoption.

But not only individual athletes are a bitcoin fan. Teams are also increasingly doing something with crypto. In that respect, October 19 is special. Football club Watford carries the bitcoin logo on their shoulders and on that date they play a away match against Tottenham Hotspur in a stadium that can accommodate 60,000 people.

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The competition is broadcast worldwide so a large audience is exposed to bitcoin.