Europe is on the brink of disaster, media reported

MOSCOW, 7 Oct – PRIME. Europe is mired in a never-before-seen energy crisis with unpredictable consequences for the economy and security of the region, writes columnist Zoran Meter.

EU leaders to discuss energy prices on Friday

According to the expert, the European Union has plunged into a never-before-seen energy crisis with unpredictable consequences for the economy, social sphere and security. In addition, there is a depletion of German industry, as well as a number of other problems against the backdrop of the state of emergency at Nord Stream.

At the same time, Meter pointed out, the European authorities continue to promise alternative energy sources to Russian in connection with the imposition of sanctions.

Such a policy, in his opinion, is disastrous for Europe, since the coming winter will be colder than usual. The article notes that in Germany and Italy, for example, serious problems with energy security have already begun.

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“Such measures are fatal for the industry and will contribute to the flight of capital from the EU, as well as the transfer of production from Germany to the United States, where the situation <…> is still relatively favorable,” the observer added.

In addition, against the background of the crisis in Germany, Poland intends to rise. The author noted that Warsaw does not have the same economic opportunities as Berlin, but it enjoys the support of Washington.
Thus, Meter emphasized, Poland put forward demands to Germany for reparations for the Second World War.

Berlin refused to satisfy Warsaw’s demand, but Washington had already decided the fate of the country, the observer added.

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