Europe predicted “energy nightmare” in 2024

MOSCOW, 14 Sep — PRIME. Europe will have to pass the most difficult tests this winter, although the most critical for the region will not be the next year, but 2024, warns the Turkish edition of Sabah.

The expert assessed the likelihood of easing European sanctions due to cold weather

“If new solutions are not introduced before 2024, then this year may actually become a time of not just a crisis, but a real “nightmare” for Europe,” the observer writes.

For the European Commission, the speedy implementation of energy market regulation remains a top priority: the strong correlation between natural gas prices and electricity prices must be eliminated. The statements, which are expected to be heard from European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen, may lead to concrete steps in solving this problem, the publication believes.

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Europe’s driest summer in five years has been another blow for Europe: the already existing energy crisis has only worsened.

The first blow for Europe was the very low level of use of French nuclear energy: the country’s largest state-owned company, EDF, lowered its forecast for the use of nuclear energy for 2023 to 300-330 TWh. The figures for 2022 are also not encouraging. The second issue was the extremely low hydraulic reserve at hydroelectric power plants. Do not discount the failures in logistics.
“Add to this the reduction in capacity due to the closure of thermal, gas and nuclear power plants in Europe due to the end of their economic and technical life. Thus, Europe was taken by surprise by the energy crisis in very difficult conditions,” the publication draws attention.

For this reason, Europe, in order to avoid a new round of the crisis in 2024, which can stop all daily life on the continent, will actually race against time, relying, among other things, on LNG from all possible supplier countries, primarily the United States, for which it is necessary to quickly build a huge number of terminals for the acceptance of liquefied gas.

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