Extremely useful analyzing tools for crypto trading

Extremely useful analyzing tools for crypto trading

For those who have recently discovered cryptomonas trading, there are some very useful analysis tools. These range from price monitoring applications to technical analysis forums that include expert advice.


The site includes price charts, a forum and a community that help each other in cryptomonade transactions. The tools provided focus on technical analysis and also allow users to share trading strategies and create charts.

It is one of the most used analytics tools by traders because it offers numerous data and information about both the crypto industry and the classical stock markets.

The main advantage for beginners is that they offer technical analysis lessons, allowing them to learn basic concepts.


Crypto industry reference site, providing detailed information about all cryptomonas and most exchanges.

Real-time data includes marketcap, price (in relation to more currencies), transaction volume, and total circulation coins.

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The site lists virtually all cryptomonas and tokens in the world, ranked according to five key elements: development, community, funds, market capitalization, and public interest.

CoinGecko also monitors developers’ activity based on public source code repositories.

This information allows investors to have a clearer idea of ​​a particular project and thus to have a broader view of the investment choice.


This website and application focuses on simplicity and security. Coinigy offers real-time prices from 45 global exchanges. Wallet monitoring and price notifications via SMS or email.


It is a monitoring application available for smartphones. Blockfolio is one of the best portfolio management applications because it includes over 3000 cryptomonads.

The application offers extensive coverage. Over 100 exchanges, with data presented in the form of charts, graphs, and real-time order records for cryptomonas. This is therefore one of the analytical tools needed to monitor price developments.

Blockfolio also offers the option of price notifications, which facilitates the trading of cryptomonas.

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If you still know other tools to help us trade, the comment box is all yours.

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