Foreigners shocked by low gas prices in Russia

MOSCOW, Sep 22 — PRIME. Readers of the popular Reddit forum expressed astonishment at the prices of gas and other utilities in Russia. They began to discuss the broadcast of a resident of Rostov-on-Don with the nickname russiangas1, who streamed around the clock on Twitch, demonstrating lit gas burners – he did not turn off the gas, even when he left for work, in this case leaving one of them, and when he was in the apartment , lit all four.

Switzerland announced a reduction in gas consumption in the country

The description of the channel said: “A Russian guy spends gas as much as he wants for only 1.44 euros per month.” Twitch has suspended the channel due to “violation of community guidelines or terms of sale.”

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From the comments of users it follows that Russians pay as much per month as in some European countries per minute.

User IgfMSU1983 says that most Moscow apartments have central heating, which is turned on in October and turned off only in April. “In winter, it was so hot in our apartment that we had to open the windows in order to be at least somewhat tolerable,” he said.

“I confirm as a Siberian and Irkutsk citizen. I pay about $10 a month for cold and hot water. And $20-50 for central heating. walls, of course, also help,” wrote Buzzzerus.

KaMeLRo, a native of Thailand, said that he lived for some time in a dormitory at the Higher School of Economics in Moscow for 1,125 rubles a month ($18). “Normal kitchen and bathroom. Electricity and water are generally free. The only thing that annoyed me was that a sort of babushka constantly declared and demanded to clean up (but it’s my neighbor’s fault),” he wrote, adding that in my homeland the hostel cost me 18 thousand rubles ($295).


In Poland, said that the winter in Europe will be difficult

“But here in Canada, a hostel will cost $2,000 a month, with electricity and heating paid separately. We are doing something wrong…,” user Feta__Cheese replied.

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Prox005 complained that the Czech Republic lowered the room temperature at work and at school to 17 degrees.

“No, this is really funny. We in Britain fall off at 1.44 euros per minute!” JackstaWRX wrote.

Goodoldgrim admitted that he turns on gas for half an hour a day and pays three euros a month. “If I don’t turn it off at all, it will cost me 150 euros. The difference, of course, is huge, but I could easily afford it, especially if I wanted to prove something stupid to someone. Yes, but I live in Latvia , which was almost the most dependent on Russian gas and filled its storage facilities in a panic all summer long.

“I haven’t used heating for three or four years now, and the hot water was turned off about two years ago. I’m also lucky that I’m young – I don’t know how the old people will survive this winter.

I don’t have gas either, only electricity. For comparison: five minutes in the shower cost me about half a euro. And this is at a time, not a month,” Enzemo said.

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