France recognizes the importance of state support to curb gas prices

PARIS, Sep 6 – PRIME. The monthly gas bill for the French could rise to €180 a month and the electricity bill to €120 in the absence of government support measures, Economy and Finance Minister Bruno Le Maire said on RMC radio on Tuesday.

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“In January 2023, prices will rise, we have never hidden it. There will be an increase, because we have to adjust prices regularly. But this increase will be contained. The increase in electricity and gas prices will be contained. Without this support, the electricity bill in January 2023 would have risen to €120 per month, and the gas bill to €180 per month, which would be unacceptable,” the minister said.

Earlier, French media reported that the wholesale price of electricity in France will reach a record high in 2023, exceeding the mark of 1,000 euros per megawatt-hour, which is 1,000% more than a year earlier.

In early 2022, France announced that it would keep electricity price increases at 4% to protect the population from a sharp increase in electricity bills. The French government has ordered energy company EDF to increase its nuclear power generation by 20 TWh to 120 TWh, which will be sold at a fixed price in 2022.

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At the end of July, French Cabinet spokesman Olivier Veran said that France was in an “unprecedentedly difficult” situation in terms of electricity generation.

At the moment, 32 out of 56 nuclear reactors in the country have been shut down for various reasons. France is considering restarting a coal-fired power plant in the country’s southeast in the event of severe power shortages this winter.

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