Gazprom considers it possible to complete the construction of the Amur GPP without the Germans

YUZHNO-SAKHALINSK, 28 Sep — PRIME. Gazprom considers it possible to implement the construction project of the Amur Gas Processing Plant (GPP) without the departed licensor, the German engineering company Linde, said Vitaly Markelov, deputy chairman of the board of the Russian company.

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“The Amur Gas Processing Plant… In the current conditions that are associated with the imposition of sanctions… Linde, the licensor of this project, has left, but nevertheless, today we see the possibility of implementing the project without this company,” Markelov said during the forum “Oil and Sakhalin gas.

The construction of the Amur GPP with a planned processing volume of 42 billion cubic meters of gas per year has been underway since 2015. It uses gas from the Power of Siberia pipeline as raw material. According to the project, the plant will produce annually 38 billion cubic meters of commercial gas supplied to China, up to 60 million cubic meters of helium, 2.4 million tons of ethane, about 1 million tons of propane, about 500 thousand tons of butane, about 200 thousand tons of pentane-hexane factions.

Now the first and second production lines have been launched, pre-commissioning work began on the third at the end of May. There are six lines in total, and the plant is expected to reach full capacity in 2025. The engineering company NIPIGAZ reported on September 2 that the gas processing plant was built by 86.5%. Markelov himself said earlier in September that Gazprom plans to launch the third line by the end of the year.

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Linde is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of industrial gases and related engineering solutions. In Russia, Linde acted as a licensor for natural gas processing and liquefaction technologies. In July, she said that, as a result of numerous economic sanctions against Russia, she had assessed her ability to exercise control over the Russian divisions of the company and determined that she could no longer do so. As a result, Linde “deconsolidated” its gas and engineering businesses in Russia.

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