“His policies are destructive.” Americans are furious at Biden’s words about gasoline

MOSCOW, 18 Oct – PRIME. Twitter users were outraged by the comment of US President Joe Biden that gasoline in California has always cost seven dollars a gallon, reports Fox News.

In the US, opened a new region to fight Russia

The correspondent who took the president’s comment asked him about the too high cost of fuel in California, to which Biden replied: “in this region it has always been a problem”, while adding that a much more important issue that needs to be resolved soon is housing prices.

Twitter users reacted strongly to the fact that the US leader so obviously decided to change the subject.

“Bidenism at its height in Los Angeles. High gas prices – is it a housing problem?” – said James Gallagher, a representative of the Republican Party.

“Sorry, Mr. President, but in California, gasoline cost seven dollars a gallon was not always. In fact, before you became president, the price of even five dollars was considered very high,” wrote Republican Senate candidate Mark ironically. Meiser.

“You clearly have no idea how your policies are destroying this nation,” he added.

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Senate candidate Scott Bowe recalled that the national average gas price had jumped to almost four dollars, but in California a gallon costs seven.

“Biden did nothing to stop this madness!” Bowe stated.

“Great job Biden, thanks for helping us reach record high prices,” California Republican Party Chairwoman Jessica Millan quipped.

Western countries are faced with rising energy prices and a surge in inflation due to the imposition of sanctions against Moscow and the policy of abandoning Russian fuel. Against the backdrop of a rise in the price of fuel, primarily gas, the industry in Europe has largely lost its competitive advantages, which also affected other sectors of the economy. Also, the United States and European countries are facing record inflation in decades.

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