Investigation of the emergency at Nord Stream is “a priori being adjusted,” Peskov said

MOSCOW, 18 Oct — PRIME. Investigations of the emergency at the Nord Streams of other countries look “from a public angle” as if they are being adjusted to the desired results, Dmitry Peskov, the press secretary of the President of the Russian Federation, told reporters.

Sweden releases first footage of damage to Nord Stream

“The way it looks from a public perspective, at least according to the statements that we hear, there from Germany, from France, from Denmark – this investigation is a priori adjusted to lay responsibility on Russia. This is absurd,” he said.

He noted that Russian intelligence has reverse data on the state of emergency.

“This is absurd, the data that our intelligence has, it has already been stated, indicates the opposite. And, besides, of course, you just need to use elementary logic to understand that such sabotage causes great damage to Russian interests,” he explained. press secretary.

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According to Peskov, the Kremlin is not surprised by the first conclusions of the European states in the investigation, that the explosions are sabotage and sabotage, the Russian special services said right away.

“The fact that this is sabotage, sabotage, and the fact that such a destruction of pipelines could occur only as a result of very, very powerful explosions, our special services immediately said. In addition, this was immediately said by specialists who are directly related to the operation and know all the technical characteristics of this pipeline system,” he said.

The Kremlin regrets that the process of investigating the terrorist attack is taking place behind closed doors and without interaction with Russia, Peskov stressed.

“One can only express regret that this entire investigation process is taking place in a very, very closed mode, without admission to participation, without interaction with the Russian side, and it is a co-owner of this pipeline system. And, of course, we do not have the opportunity, in fact, to place to carry out some work in order to conduct their own investigation. Therefore, here one can only express regret,” he said.

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The attacks took place on September 26 at once on two Russian export gas pipelines to Europe – Nord Stream and Nord Stream 2. Germany, Denmark and Sweden do not rule out targeted sabotage. The Nord Stream operator Nord Stream AG reported that the state of emergency on gas pipelines was unprecedented and it was impossible to estimate the timing of repairs. The Prosecutor General’s Office of the Russian Federation initiated a case on an act of international terrorism after the damage to the Nord Stream gas pipelines.

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