In Germany, they reported on the filling level of gas storage facilities

MOSCOW, 4 Sep — PRIME. The fill rate of German gas storage facilities on Saturday was 85.02%, thus, the country reached its target for October, despite the shutdown of the Nord Stream 1 gas pipeline, according to data from the Association of European Gas Infrastructure Operators GIE.

French authorities told when gas storage facilities will be completely filled

Germany has previously adopted legislative amendments that oblige gas storage operators to fill them by October by 85%, and by November – by 95%.

As of Saturday evening, the gas storage facilities were 85.02% full, according to GIE data. Also, according to the information of the European group, Germany’s largest UGS facility “Reden”, which previously belonged to Gazprom through its subsidiaries and in which in April there was less than 1% of the volume of gas, is currently filled by 69.54%.

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As the Federal Grid Agency of Germany commented on Saturday, Germany is now much better prepared for the failure of Russian supplies than a few months ago, and the replenishment of gas storage facilities in the country continues. It was noted that good progress had been made both in filling storage facilities and in deliveries via routes other than Russian pipelines, as well as in establishing new capacities for offloading liquefied gas.

Gazprom announced the day before that Nord Stream, which had been previously stopped for three days for scheduled maintenance, could not resume operation due to an oil leak at the only running Trent 60 unit. A representative of the German Siemens Energy told RIA Novosti that the company does not consider the conclusion Gazprom’s technical reason for stopping the pipeline.

Nord Stream has been operating with restrictions since mid-June, and since the end of July, it has been operating at only 20% of its nearly 170 million cubic meters of capacity per day. The Russian side emphasized that the decrease in supplies was due solely to sanctions, which caused problems with the maintenance and repair of Siemens gas pumping units. Recently, only one turbine provided work.

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