In Italy explained how to save up to 600 euros per year on gas and electricity

ROME, Oct 2 – PRIME. Italian families have been given advice on how to save 600 euros a year on their gas and electricity bills, but the latest assessments from industry associations suggest that tariff increases could reduce the effectiveness of these measures to zero. Representative of the Agency for New Technologies, Energy and Environment of Italy (ENEA) Nicolandrea Calabrese (Nicolandrea Calabrese) told RIA Novosti that a family of four is able to change at no extra cost some of the household habits, which mainly relate to hot water and electrical appliances connected to the network .

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“In May of this year, Enea completed a study with regulations and advice for public institutions and individuals on saving energy indoors. In Italy, the domestic sector accounts for about 30% of the national gas consumption, which corresponds to about 15.4 billion cubic meters of gas per year. There are still offices , schools, hospitals, but we focused on the home sector, because our goal was to reduce not only consumption, but also carbon dioxide emissions,” said the laboratory specialist for energy efficiency and urban development ENEA.

According to him, in early September, the Ministry of Ecological Transition, taking the recommendations of the agency as a basis, decided to reduce the temperature in the premises by 1 degree to +19 and reduce the operating time of heating systems by an hour per day, the entire heating season by 15 days.

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According to the latest estimates from the State Regulatory Authority for Energy, Grids and the Environment (Arera), Italians’ electricity costs in the last quarter of the year will increase by 59% compared to the same period last year. In total, an average Italian family will spend an average of 1322 euros per year on light, despite the fact that in 2021 the average spending reached 632 euros. As for gas, Arera’s official forecasts will come in early October. Various associations have calculated that in the first nine months of the year, the average Italian family’s gas expenses amounted to 1,500 euros, and from October tariffs could increase by 300 euros per month. According to the analytical center Nomisma, the annual growth could be up to 680 euros.


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“Administrative measures will allow us to save 2.7 billion cubic meters, for each family this is 80 euros per year. In addition, we thought about household recommendations that all citizens can apply. Some of them do not entail any costs. For example, large expenses are incurred production of hot water We take water from the mains with a temperature of about +10 degrees and heat it up to about +48 C. On average, we take a shower for 7 minutes and if we reduce this time to 5 minutes and the temperature to +45, then the expenses of a family of four will be reduced to 250 euros,” Calabrese explained.

His other piece of advice concerns the use of the dishwasher and washing machine: “If you run your laundry once every two days, you can save 50 euros a year on electricity. The dishwasher can only be used once a day, when it is filled after lunch and dinner, then the benefit will be 65 euro,” the expert said.

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Thirdly, he added, the bills include the cost of household appliances connected to the mains: “TVs, decoders, audio systems, microwaves in stand-by mode consume electricity: You can buy an extension cord with several outlets and save another 55 euros,” he added.


In total, Calabrese stressed, such a regime, together with measures taken at the state level, will reduce utility bills by more than 600 euros. Even more savings can be achieved in the long run if you now invest in energy-saving appliances and even wall insulation.


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“The installation of a solar-powered water heater can reduce costs. From April to November, the water will be heated by the Italian sun. This will save another 350 euros. Obviously, you will have to invest in a new device. It costs about 4 thousand euros, but in Italy there is a system of tax deductions and bonuses that make it possible to offset costs by 65% ​​over 10 years,” Calabrese said. He also suggested thinking about buying a refrigerator with a higher energy class. Class A, according to him, consumes 66% less energy than G, which corresponds to 84 euros per year.

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“This means that if it costs 200 euros more, then in two years or so this money will be reimbursed, and given that the refrigerator lasts 20 years, the savings will be even greater,” said the representative of the relevant department. His other recommendations included replacing incandescent bulbs with LEDs, installing double glazing and regular maintenance.

“We recommend doing an energy check up. A specialist can tell you how much to spend now to save in the future. Depending on what measures are taken, the return on investment and benefits will begin in a few years. For example, if I buy a heater now and If I cover the walls with thermal insulation, I find out that the old boiler was too big,” Calabrese said.

“Our study suggests that the everyday habits and actions of each person can be reflected in the whole picture of an emergency situation in energy and ecology,” the agency’s interlocutor summed up.

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