Innosilicon A4 Dominator Miner – Specs|Profitability|Payback

Innosilicon A4 Dominator Miners- Specs, Profitability and Payback

Check out the specs, profitability and how long it would take for to breakeven (hashrate). The ASIC Innosilicon A4 Dominator of a Chinese manufacturer is designed to extract coins (hashrate) using the Scrypt algorithm, so Litecoin becomes the main target cryptocurrency for mining on it, for which A4 Dominator in communities has sometimes been called home LTC. The epithet “home” miner received for relatively small size and quiet work.

At the time of release in the spring of 2016, Innosilicon A4 was four times higher than previous generation samples in performance and, according to the company’s marketing specialists, it had to remain in trend for the next 2 years with such efficiency. But the community’s attention to the A4 has not only attracted this. Unlike other manufacturers of mining equipment, Innosilicon coped with consumer demand and did supply A4 Dominator to everyone at the factory price.

Specification: device model evolution

Innosilicon A4 280mh S Dominator

Comparing the payback of equipment for mining, the hashrate of the network is usually estimated in relation to the device capabilities, exchange rate fluctuations of cryptocurrency, the cost of electricity, the purchase price of the miner. The difficulty is that it is definitely problematic to assess not only the dynamics of exchange rate fluctuations and the excitement among the miners around the new leader of the cryptocurrency race. The difficulty is even an introduction to the formula for calculating the initial cost of equipment, since the popular devices have been bought up for months in advance, and buying from resellers is both a mark-up and an additional risk factor.

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In this sense, the Innosilicon A4 280mh S Dominator immediately favorably differed from the more productive competitors in its availability. The Chinese manufacturer accepted orders with a two-month deferment and 70 percent prepayment, consisting of three or more devices. You can pay for orders with Innosilicon in dollars and cryptocurrency. The first mentions of the successful testing of A4 Dominator on the company’s website refer to May 2016. In a statement about the results of testing, the following advantages of the miner are mentioned:

  • 14 nm process technology (as opposed to the obsolete 28 nm)
  • automatic self-diagnosis of the DCDC chip,
  • A 4-fold increase in performance compared to the previous generation (A4 Dominator is here called the heir A2 Terminator).

A4 from Innosilicon is divided into 2 blocks, each of which contains 2 boards with 80 chips (20 on the board). The stated performance characteristics: 280 MHs / s with consumption of 1.2 watts / MHs in power saving mode up to 3 watts / MHs in turbo mode. The default power consumption is about 2 watts / MHs. The entire filling fits into an aluminum box with a size of 280x250x128 mm. A single 120-millimeter fan works on cooling the chips and boards. The device does not require additional firmware – the software is preinstalled and allows you to adjust the miner settings.

However, advertising performance statements of 2016, which will remain relevant for at least two years, were apparently an exaggeration, since as early as the beginning of autumn 2017 when ordering A4, Innosilicon managers offered its updated upgrade called A4 + Dominator. A4 + had to produce 550 MH / S at 750W-th power consumption.

A4 profitability from Innosilicon

At the turn of 2017-2018 on the website of the company in the pre-ordering section of the miner, which is named there Innosilicon A4 + LTC Master, it has already been announced about 620Mh / s at 750W. The general features of this update for A4 + are as follows:

  • Hashrate: 620Mh / s (the possibility of overclocking is allowed by an additional 8%, however, the user is warned that he is responsible for increasing the standard hashrate).
  • Power: 750 W (at a temperature of 25 ° C with an efficiency of 93%).
  • Dimensions: 350mmx125mmx155mm.
  • Weight: 4.2 kg.
  • Power supply required: 1000 W (or more), 9 * PCI-E 6Pin.
  • Power connection: 2 PCIE ports.
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In this model, there are already 2 fans, which slightly increases the volume of work, compared to A4, but is not critical. Innosilicon generally positions itself as a manufacturer of mining devices for home use, so they pay particular attention to issues that may become relevant when creating a home farm.

Company Innosilicon, which appeared on the market relatively recently, in 2006, is engaged in the production of not only miners. In its range of various electrical equipment from televisions to flash drives. But the return policy is different from that of other products. Miners after payment can not be returned, which imposes certain restrictions. However, in contrast to the purchase of “hands” on the equipment for mining subject to the conditions of warranty service, which are valid for 80 days.

Calculation of A4 profitability from Innosilicon

This mining equipment is intended for the extraction of cryptocurrencies on the Scrypt algorithm. Now we know more than a hundred cryptocurrencies that can be mined on the A4 +, but most of them have not yet confirmed their market status and are being traded very cheaply. Among the cryptocurrencies that demonstrate consistently high rates of market capitalization, liquidity, are actively developed and traded at a price higher than one dollar per crypto-coin, the following can be mentioned:

  • Litecoin (LTC),
  • Bitbar (BTB),
  • Bitconnect (BCC),
  • HollyWoodCoin (HWC),
  • VeriumReserve (VRM),
  • BridgeCoin (BCO) and several others.
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The profitability of the “Dominators”, which can be bought from $ 1,500 (for A4 with a hashrate of 280Mh / s) to $ 3,200 (for a device with 620Mh / s), will depend on the choice of mined cryptocurrency, changes in its course, network “load”. With an optimal ratio of parameters that existed on the market during the peak price rise in cryptocurrency prices, the Innosilicon miner payback was about 4.5-5.5 months. Since the distance between the date of the order of equipment and the moment of shipment is still about 1.5-2 months, in terms of profitability, it is necessary to predict the state of the market and the network load at the beginning of mining.

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