IBelink DM11G Hashrate – Specification, Comparison and Profitability

iBelink DM11G Hashrate - Specification, Comparison and Profitability

As soon as iBelink DM11G was called: “the fastest mining device in the world”, “million miner” and “million million rubles” miner, “revolutionary solution” for Dash and many other expressive epithets. According to theoretical calculations, the equipment, which in the middle of 2017 on the manufacturer’s website cost 4888 dollars, could pay off a little more than a month, and with an increase in the rate of cryptocurrency, even faster. In practice, the manufacturer on the miner’s website, the iBelink DM11G, was not available (as it always happens with profitable crypto-production devices), while dealers set the equipment price at that time from a million rubles, for which DM11G received some of its epithets. Why this miner from iBelink was so in demand, we will look at the article.

The appearance of iBelink DM11G on the market

Miner from iBelink

The predecessor of the new miner from iBelink was the model DM384M 2016. In both cases, the equipment was focused on the extraction of cryptocurrencies on the X11 algorithm. Thanks to the significant strengthening of the Dash rate (cryptocurrency that runs on X11), the super profitability of the new miner has become apparent. Crypto miners saw how much a device can bring per day (at that moment it was about 140-250 dollars per day depending on exchange rate fluctuations) and started talking about DM11G as the most effective device for mining Dash.

Since online calculators showed a quick payback, even with a noticeable increase in the miner’s speculative price, groups of pre-order devices began to form quickly with a single order of 10-50 units of equipment and more. The price of one device in the group with an order of 10 pieces was about 6.5-7 thousand dollars. With wholesale deliveries from abroad from 100 pieces one could count on the price of 5 thousand dollars. However, in this rush it was often difficult to distinguish real proposals from fraudulent schemes.

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In addition, in all such calculations, we had to make allowances for the possible fall in the rate of cryptocurrency and the time difference between the time of the order and the actual start of mining.

Often, by the time the ordered device arrives and is included in the network, due to the increased excitement, the overall computing power of the crypto network is already noticeably different from the expected one. Problems often arise at customs when delivering private direct orders.

In addition, by the end of the year, they were already talking about the next model in this line from iBelink, which could increase the competitive opportunities when mining Dash. The DM22G was announced as a response to the increasing complexity of mining. Despite its even higher starting price, the calculators “promise” a stunning device profitability and payback within one month. Below, we compare the characteristics of the DM11G with its “surroundings” in order to understand how long this miner will be able to remain relevant.

Miner characteristics and Comparison

The DM11G device is often abbreviated as “Miner 10 Dash X11 Asic Miner”, which immediately gives an idea of ​​the priority algorithm (X11), the key cryptocurrency (Dash), and the popular assessment of hash rate indicators (10 GH / s). In this case, the manufacturer even entered the number 11 in the device name, which refers to 11 GH / s. The exact specifications are 10.8 GH / s ± 5%. At this acceleration and will navigate.

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In any case, the hash rate of the DM11G device is incomparably larger than that of the DM384M (there its total value is about 384 Mh / s) and two times less than in the DM22G (22 GH / s). The power consumption for the three generations of miners in chronological order of output: 715 W, 810 W, 810 W, respectively (at 25 ° C). Most of the other parameters are similar, including overall dimensions: 490mm (L) x 350 mm (W) x 180 mm (H) in each device.

Miner characteristics and Comparison

Fundamentally, in the miners of the last two, at the moment, generations, chips differ. Inside the DM11G 4 mainboard with 64 TNB0301 chips. In the DM22G – new chips (also on 4 boards) TNB0303-FL28 28nm. In both miners, boards demonstrate independent functionality. This means that if one or two boards fail, the rest will continue to work. Devices from iBelink “not famous” for frequent breakdowns, and, moreover, the manufacturer gives a three-month (90 days) factory warranty. But, given the complexity of the acquisition of the device and the often tangled chain of second-hand dealers, warranty repair is likely to become a problem.

Specifications and Hashrate

  • Hash Rate: 10.8 GH / s,
  • Power consumption: 810 W (at 25 ° C)
  • Number of chips: 64 pcs. (type: TNB0303)
  • Energy Efficiency: 0.076 J / MH (at 25 ° C)
  • Noise level: 76db at a distance of 1 meter and 81db when measured at a distance of 0.5 meters.
  • Medium temperature recommended by the manufacturer: 0 ° C- 40 ° C
  • Network connection: Ethernet
  • Power supply: 110V to 240V (50Hz / 60Hz)
  • Dimensions: 490mm (L) x 350mm (W) x180mm (H)
  • Mass: 22kg.
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Miner has self-diagnostic functions and intelligent reboot and system recovery capabilities. Information about the progress of the process comes to the email specified when setting up.The specifications of the device and the presence of two certificates:

  • European (Conformite Europeenne) and
  • American (Federal Communications Commission).

Since the form factor remains standard and unchanged, several DM11Gs can be installed in a server rack purchased under the “old” miners of 2016.

Equipment for mining on the X11 algorithm is generally more economical compared to SHA-256 or scrypt. The operation of this algorithm on GPUs suggests approximately 30% savings in electrical power and the same (and sometimes even up to 50%) savings in heat dissipation. As a result, mining equipment for mining Dash (including iBelink DM11G), all other things being equal, lasts longer than Bitcoin or Bitcoin Cash mining devices and reduces current energy costs.

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