Media: SAP is preparing to sell computing equipment from data centers in Russia

MOSCOW, 8 Sep — PRIME. The global office of the German company SAP is preparing to sell computer equipment from its own data centers in Russia for 1.4 billion rubles, the Kommersant newspaper reports, citing sources in the Russian cloud services market.

The Russian market coped with the departure of foreign companies, said the head of VEB

We are talking about servers, switches, data storage systems (SHD), a total of 3.5 thousand pieces of equipment. According to sources of the publication, SAP intends to find a Russian partner to whom it will transfer the equipment, and he, in turn, will be engaged in the implementation.

It is specified that the balance price of the equipment is 50 million euros (3 billion rubles at the Central Bank rate on September 7), and the market value of the equipment was estimated at approximately 1.4 billion rubles. According to sources, Rostelecom is interested in the purchase.

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SAP is one of the largest in the world and the Russian Federation (about 60% of the market) suppliers of systems for enterprise resource management. Owns several data processing centers (DPC) in Russia. The first one was opened in 2014 to provide cloud services on the territory of the National Research Center “Kurchatov Institute” in Moscow based on the infrastructure of “Rostelecom”. Since 2016, Rostelecom has entered into an agreement with SAP to promote its cloud solutions based on its data centers.

It is noted that now the Russian state-owned company is in dire need of computer technology. In June, Rostelecom froze the development of data centers in the regions due to a shortage of equipment, but at the end of August, company president Mikhail Oseevsky announced that the project would continue. As part of the Eastern Economic Forum on September 6, the top manager said that Rostelecom would invest 10-20 billion rubles in regional data centers over several years.

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