Moldova told about plans for payments to Gazprom

CHISINAU, Sep 29 – PRIME. Moldova intends to pay Gazprom $30 million in advance for half of the next month by the end of September in order to continue receiving gas in October, Vadim Cheban, head of the Moldovagaz company, said on Thursday.

Gas prices in Europe fell below $1,880 per thousand cubic meters

Earlier, Moldovan President Maia Sandu said that representatives of Gazprom did not confirm that they would continue gas supplies to the republic in October, since Moldovagaz had not paid the advance payment.

“We must fulfill the obligation to pay the advance, we still have a debt. At the moment, we are talking about the amount of $ 30 million, which must be paid by Friday inclusive,” Cheban said on the air of the Canal 2 TV channel, assessing the likelihood of paying money at term in 90%.

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According to him, the company is working on this issue together with the authorities in order to overcome the problematic situation, since Moldovagaz cannot pay such an amount on its own.

Moldova is experiencing an energy crisis due to rising energy prices. The authorities intend to reduce gas consumption in winter by at least 15%, and have also developed and submitted for discussion a plan that includes turning off street lighting, lowering the central heating temperature, transferring schoolchildren and students to distance learning. Starting from August 1, Moldovagaz began disconnecting consumers who did not pay for natural gas supply services on time.

In October last year, the Moldovan authorities agreed with Gazprom to extend the contract for the supply of gas to the republic, subject to an audit of the Moldovagaz debt in 2022. “Gazprom” said that, taking into account the situation in Moldova, it was decided to sign the contract practically on the terms of the Moldovan side, but subject to timely 100% payment of current payments.

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