Moldovan authorities spoke about the possible purchase of gas from Romania

CHISINAU, Sep 26 – PRIME. If Gazprom stops supplying gas to Moldova in October, Chisinau will buy it from Romania, in which case Pridnestrovie will have to make an advance payment, Deputy Prime Minister Andrei Spinu said on TV on Monday.

Moldova will not be able to buy gas from Gazprom on a loan from the EBRD

Last October, when Chisinau signed a new agreement with Gazprom, an audit of the Moldovagaz enterprise was a prerequisite. Only in August, the Moldovan government signed an audit agreement with the Norwegian company Wikborg Rein Advokatfirma and the British Forensic Risk Alliance & Co. If the government fails to complete the audit before October 1, Gazprom may stop gas supplies to Moldova.

“We have about 35 million cubic meters of gas in reserve. If Gazprom stops gas supply, then for the first time we will use our reserve. Part of it is stored in Romania, part in Moldova. Gas will come from Romania through the Iasi-Chisinau gas pipeline. “In this case, Pridnestrovie will have to buy gas at a market price with prepayment, as the rest of Moldova does. We will negotiate with Tiraspol. Gas in the Left Bank can be supplied both through the networks of Moldovagaz and the systems of the state enterprise Energocom,” he said. Spynu on the air of the PRO TV channel.

The Moldovan Deputy Prime Minister specified that gas reserves could last for two months. In the future, the authorities will act according to scenarios “which are developed for various cases.”

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The contract between Gazprom and Moldovagaz provides for two formulas for calculating gas prices. From April to September, the cost consists of 70% of the average monthly gas price for the previous month (TTF front month) and 30% of the price of the oil basket. From October to March, 70% of the cost falls on the oil basket, and 30% on the average gas price.

Earlier, Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Andrei Rudenko said in an interview with RIA Novosti that Moscow hopes that Moldova will fulfill its obligations under the gas contract in full and on time. He stressed that the Russian side fulfills its obligations under the contract with Chisinau in full, and in general the issues of gas supplies to Moldova “are in a purely commercial plane.”

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