Named the date of arrival of the real energy crisis in Europe

MOSCOW, 4 Oct — PRIME. Europe itself shut off the Russian gas valve by its actions, imposing sanctions against Russia, writes Deutsche Wirtschafts Nachrichten.

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“Most of the EU countries are afraid of the coming winter, but the real crisis will come in the next heating season,” – said the author of the article Gregor Uhlig.

All of Europe is now concerned about taking measures to support businesses and people before the approaching winter, but few people talk about the next heating season, because that’s when the real energy crisis will be felt, he explains.

Panic-driven politicians are piling on a lot of debt to pump money into price containment programs, writes DWN. For example, in Italy, state support is three percent of the country’s GDP, but huge amounts of money printed will not solve the problem of energy shortages.

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In France, they are betting on nuclear power plants that are going to be put into operation next year, but even there politicians are not worried about the upcoming winter, but about the next one.

The author of the article explains that the end of the energy crisis should not be expected for a number of reasons. The most important aspect is the volumes of gas in gas storage facilities. In the event that the winter turns out to be very cold, then by spring the storage facilities will be empty. It is important to note that in 2022 they were filled with Russian gas, the supply of which Moscow suspended due to Western sanctions. Now Europe is forced to look for alternative supplies of blue fuel. However, analysts are confident that additional volumes of gas are unlikely to appear on the world market.


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It is important to mention the recent incident at Nord Stream, which, according to some Westerners, was organized by the United States. This is a new reason to worry about the energy security of Europe.

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The duration of the energy crisis with the expiration of time will only hit the European states harder, since the Russian gas valve closed by them only pushed them to new challenges and struggle among themselves in order to provide themselves with energy resources in the face of a total shortage of the energy range. “The result of this will be a total deficit in 2023,” concludes Deutsche Wirtschafts Nachrichten.

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