Named the only way to feed Europe with gas

MOSCOW, 30 Sep — PRIME. The filling of European gas storage facilities with a total capacity of about 110 billion cubic meters is decreasing day by day. This, writes the Turkish edition Türkiye, will force consumers to look for new sources of energy resources, including in Turkey.

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According to Gas Infrastucture Europe and the European Commission, the countries of the region consume about 400 billion cubic meters of natural gas per year. Due to anti-Russian sanctions, the flow of natural gas exports has stopped and the region is looking for alternative solutions. It is noted that due to explosions on the Nord Stream pipelines, it is impossible to expect the resumption of gas supply.

“18 EU member countries have gas storage facilities. The amount of gas in storage facilities, which is decreasing every day, does not inspire optimism in Europe. One of the countries most affected by the crisis is Germany, which annually consumes 92 billion cubic meters of natural gas. Italy is next (71 billion cubic meters), the Netherlands (44 billion cubic meters), France (40 billion cubic meters), Poland (22 billion cubic meters),” the publication lists.

LNG is a very expensive fuel purchase option for consumers, so Europe will look for new energy sources.

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For Europe, Turkey is the best chance, the author of the article believes. “European governments, working to get rid of energy dependence on Russia, have found the desired solution in expanding the Southern Gas Corridor, through which Caspian gas is supplied to Europe through Turkey,” he recalls.

Thus, Azerbaijani gas will be transported to the EU through Turkey, which, according to the authors of the article, is the most realistic alternative for Europe. “The EU and Azerbaijan have agreed to increase the supply of natural gas from the current eight billion cubic meters per year to 20 billion by 2027. The EU’s appeal to TANAP once again proved the key role of Turkey as the main route with a developed infrastructure in ensuring the security of energy supply,” the statement says. article.

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