Novak instructed to accelerate the pace of gasification of the regions

MOSCOW, 20 Sep — PRIME. Deputy Prime Minister of Russia Alexander Novak instructed a number of regions of the country to accelerate the pace of gasification, noted the need to increase social financing for connection to the resource, according to a publication on the official website of the Russian government.

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“Following the results of the meeting of the headquarters, Alexander Novak instructed the Russian Ministry of Energy to work with a number of regions to accelerate the pace of regasification. In addition, the Deputy Prime Minister stressed the need to increase funding, as well as expand the categories of the population applying for social support when connected to gas,” the statement said. release on the results of the next meeting of the federal headquarters for gasification.

The pace of actual connection of gas already on the territory of the site largely depends on the benefits provided by the region, Novak noted. According to him, the authorities of the regions have increased funding for social programs, but the disbursement of funds is still low. According to the headquarters, the regional budgets provide five billion rubles, a year ago this amount did not exceed two billion rubles. But in some regions, such budgets or the necessary amendments to local legislation have not yet been provided.

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The Deputy Prime Minister stressed that the pace of connecting the population to gas in already gasified settlements has increased. To date, 580 thousand contracts have been concluded, which is about 84% of all accepted applications. At the same time, gas was supplied to 277,000 households, that is, half of the concluded contracts have been completed. It is also necessary to gasify not only households, but also boiler houses for heating a number of social facilities, in particular, kindergartens and schools, Novak said.

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