Nvidia presents the official GeForce RTX Keycap, will raffle it on its social networks

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Nvidia has just introduced a custom keycap for mechanical keyboards, described as, “It’s time to bring the magic of RTX technology… to your keyboard!” Without a doubt, for a large part of the PC community, the brushed aluminum RTX ON keycap will be an object of desire. However, Nvidia said that it will not be a product that will go on sale, but rather an exclusive giveaway to be given out in a social media/community contest.

As shown in the image, the Nvidia GeForce RTX key is designed to replace a single standard key, and various promotional photos show it as a replacement for the Escape (Esc) key. This is a standard location for all PC keyboards in the world, as it is a location where the key can be seen well without interfering with your work. Some key manufacturers make quite large or elaborate replacement keys which are often annoying.

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How to acquire an RTX ON keyboard key

Nvidia says it will give away keycaps for RTX ON keyboards by the end of March in the fall and early winter. Interested parties should watch Nvidia GeForce social media for opportunities to win.

Apparently, demonstrating “passion for gaming, graphics, and technology” in Nvidia GeForce social media interactions will help for a chance to win one of these limited-edition keys.

As a collector’s item, Nvidia’s new GeForce RTX key will be something of a treasure, thanks in no small part to the revered manufacturer and the item’s limited availability/distribution.

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