Profile “VKontakte” will automatically adjust to the user

MOSCOW, 29 Aug — PRIME. The social network “VKontakte” announced a new profile design, it will automatically adjust to the user, it will also be possible to add mini-applications with additional services for subscribers, the company said.

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“VKontakte” introduced the next stage of the global update of the application – a new profile …. Fresh and relevant content will automatically be shown in the profile in the most prominent place, subscribers will be able to see other formats on the tabs. If an artist often posts his work, then it is the visual content that comes to the fore — subscribers will see his paintings, and the leader of the musical group will see fresh tracks in the profile,” the message says.

In addition, the profile owner will be able to add mini-applications with additional services for subscribers. For example, an illustrator can offer the audience a service for quickly ordering T-shirts with their own print directly from their profile.

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“Each profile is individual and unique – the design options are endless and depend on the desire and goals of the author. You can decorate the profile with an atmospheric photo or a view from the window, or you can talk about your hobbies or share your creativity – for example, upload a picture with your favorite football team as a cover or an invitation to an exhibition of their own paintings,” the company added.

The company clarified that the update is currently being tested. It will be available to all users within a few weeks.