Protests erupt in Italy amid rising gas and electricity prices

MOSCOW, 3 Oct — PRIME. Protests against a sharp increase in energy tariffs are held on Monday in many major Italian cities, the SkyTg24 news channel reports.

Media: Italians refused to work remotely due to rising energy tariffs

The speeches of workers and entrepreneurs are organized at the call of the Italian trade union Usb on the International Day against Crisis and High Costs, which was announced on October 3 by the World Federation of Trade Unions.

Usb was urged to “confront the 60% hyperbolic electricity bill increase announced since October 1st.” The document emphasizes that the European Union is not making any real efforts to combat speculation that has caused a rapid rise in gas prices. At the same time, the leadership of the trade union draws attention to the “mysterious” attack on the Nord Stream gas pipeline, as a result of which the United States received a clear benefit.

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The trade union, recalling that the European authorities continue to spend huge public funds for military support of Ukraine, emphasized the approaching moment of the economic collapse of Italian families and enterprises.

Protest demonstrations took place in Turin, where activists of a number of youth and leftist organizations gathered in front of the regional branch of the country’s leading oil and gas group Eni in the morning, as well as in the center of Naples, where one of the protesters burned his electricity and gas bills. In the administrative center of the Sardinia region, the city of Cagliari, activists protested in front of the regional offices of the Enel electricity concern and the largest state pension fund Inps. In addition, demonstrations will take place in Rome, Milan, Florence, Pisa, Spoleto and other Italian cities in the evening.

“The situation is very serious. The increase in prices is caused by the choice of governments that remain in imperialist positions and the shameful speculation that big companies are engaged in. Energy must be public. This is the only way to set a price ceiling,” said Enzo Miccoli, head of the Turin branch of Usb.

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Members of the new social movement “We Don’t Pay” are also ready to join the trade union activists, calling for an end to paying bills for utilities, the rates for which have increased significantly in recent months.

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