Rosseti Group completed two major projects in Yakutia

MOSCOW, 8 Sep — PRIME. 220 kV power supply centers “KS-1” and “Naldinskaya” were put into operation, which provided power supply to the facilities of the Power of Siberia gas pipeline and the Inaglinsky mining and processing complex. The official launch ceremony, which took place via teleconference, was attended by Russian Energy Minister Nikolai Shulginov, Head of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) Aisen Nikolaev, and General Director of PJSC Rosseti Andrey Ryumin.

Shulginov noted that in the face of pressure from unfriendly countries, the reliable operation of projects that will quickly reorient export chains due to territorial location is of key importance. He stressed that such projects are the “Power of Siberia” and the Inaglinsky mining and processing complex. The commissioning of new power centers will help maintain their uninterrupted operation, ensuring a stable power supply.”

“A lot of joint work has been done to provide the new energy sector of the republic. Yakutia is one of the rapidly developing regions in terms of industry. Over the eight months of this difficult year, we received a growth of 13% compared to last year. The rapid growth of industry requires an appropriate energy supply. In the eyes of Rosseti, the company is building the “energy frame” of our industry. I am sure that other industrial projects of the republic will receive support,” Nikolaev noted.

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Ryumin said that in recent years, the priority of the Rosseti Group in Yakutia has been systemic tasks. In particular, for reliable connections between the central and western regions of the republic with the UES of Russia, several large energy facilities have been built, including a 750-kilometer transit from Neryungri GRES.

“Now the focus is on creating infrastructure for connecting specific consumers. The new KS-1 and Naldinskaya substations will play an important role in the development of the Power of Siberia pipeline system and the Inaglinsky mining and processing complex,” Ryumin added.

The commissioning of the 220 kV KS-1 substation is the final stage of work on external power supply to the compressor stations of the Power of Siberia gas pipeline located in Yakutia. The capacity of the power facility is 50 MVA. For a high level of reliability, microprocessor protection and modern automation tools are used.

The 220 kV “Naldinskaya” substation is a key element of the power supply scheme for the largest coal project in Russia – the Inaglinsky Mining and Processing Complex (anchor resident of the South Yakutia ASEZ). Four power transformers (total power – 176 MVA) are equipped with an intelligent monitoring system that controls key operating parameters in real time. The 220 kV open switchgear has access from the operating power transmission line, which provides communication with the region’s largest power plant, the Neryungrinskaya GRES.

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Rosseti is one of the largest electric grid companies in the world. The Rosseti property complex includes 35 subsidiaries and affiliates operating in 78 regions of Russia. PJSC Rosseti includes such subsidiaries and affiliates as Rosseti FGC UES, Rosseti Yug, Rosseti Tyumen, Rosseti Center and Volga Region, Rosseti Moscow Region, Rosseti Ural and others.

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