Rostelecom called for support of developers of metaverses

MOSCOW, 19 Sep — PRIME. The Russian authorities need to create preferences for domestic developers of metaverses in order to have an alternative to Western products, Boris Glazkov, vice president for strategic initiatives at Rostelecom, said during a discussion of the legal aspects of regulating metaverses in the Federation Council.

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“Still, it seems to me that it is more important to offer our own alternative reality than just focus on regulating other people’s realities. Of course, they exist, but we must have an alternative competitive product. And here the state is important …. Create some kind of benefits for domestic companies – somewhere grant support, subsidies in terms of financial mechanisms. From the point of view of the regulator, of course, these are benefits, the creation of preferences for their players as opposed to foreign ones,” Glazkov said.

According to him, the metaverses are “the competition of global companies and the challenge that they throw to the state system in all countries.”

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“But if in some countries there are metauniverses friendly to them, which, probably, will somehow be able to agree with them in terms of monopoly, in terms of property rights, then in our country, unfortunately, there are no products comparable in terms of quality. This is probably , the main threat … If someone offers our citizens an alternative version of reality and this is not our version of reality, then it’s bad that we don’t have our own alternative version of reality that we can offer our citizens,” added a top manager of Rostelecom .

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