Sberbank and FEFU opened the Far Eastern Center for Artificial Intelligence

MOSCOW, 7 Sep — PRIME. Sber and Far Eastern Federal University (FEFU) have opened an office of the joint Far Eastern Center for Artificial Intelligence. The solemn ceremony was attended by First Deputy Chairman of the Board of Sberbank Alexander Vedyakhin, FEFU Vice-Rector for Research Alexander Samardak and Deputy Minister of Science and Higher Education Natalia Bocharova.

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A joint research and analytical center was created on the basis of the Institute of Mathematics and Computer Technologies of the Far Eastern Federal University. The center is already engaged in a wide range of tasks – from the analysis of AI regulation in the countries of the Asia-Pacific region (APR) and research in the field of sustainable development to the development of scientific cooperation with leading institutions from these countries.

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“The rapid development of artificial intelligence technologies opens up new large-scale opportunities for humanity. At the same time, special attention from the whole world is paid to the issues of regulation and ethics of artificial intelligence technologies. I am sure that the opening of the Far East AI Center is an important milestone for studying various approaches to regulating relations in the field of artificial intelligence in countries APR,” Vedyakhin commented on the opening of the Center.

In turn, Samardak added that “IT specialists from FEFU and Sberbank are already conducting research within the Smart City project, which will help improve the efficiency of satellite monitoring solutions.”

“We have decided to expand cooperation in the field of education: FEFU students will be able to gain competencies in Data Science, and upon completion of their studies, work in Sberbank and other IT companies. The Center will not only train personnel and conduct scientific activities, but also build a dialogue with leading universities in the Asia-Pacific region,” the vice-rector said.

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It is planned that the center will participate in the development of solutions aimed at solving key environmental problems. In particular, the Far Eastern AI Center will be involved in such areas as the development of a model for monitoring and forecasting toxic “red tides”, the preparation of a model for the prediction and monitoring of tropical cyclones, the development of models that reduce environmental damage when fishing for water resources, as well as models that allow restore historical data on migrations and the abundance of various populations of living organisms. In addition, the center is expected to participate in a project to develop an integrated AI model aimed at preserving the population of the Amur tiger and other rare animals of the Far East.

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