Telegraph says Truss plans to freeze UK energy prices

MOSCOW, September 5 – PRIME. British Foreign Secretary Liz Truss could freeze electricity prices for millions of households in the light of the energy crisis if she wins the election as prime minister, the Telegraph reported, citing sources.

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“Lise Truss is considering freezing electricity bills for millions of households this winter if she wins the race for leadership of the Conservative Party,” the newspaper wrote.

Electricity company Scottish Power has proposed a £100bn plan for a two-year freeze on electricity bills, a proposal supported by other utilities, the publication reported. Britain’s Energy Secretary Quasi Kwarteng, a candidate for the new Treasury Secretary, is “very open” to such measures, the newspaper’s source said.

“I am sure that a mechanism will be introduced that freezes accounts,” one of the unnamed interlocutors of the newspaper said.

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Truss had previously said that if elected, she would introduce action on electricity prices within her first week as prime minister.

At the end of August, the British energy regulator Ofgem announced an 80% increase in the maximum allowable electricity bill for consumers from October 1 due to rising global energy prices. Thus, the maximum bill for the British could increase by 1578 pounds, or 80%. The head of the energy regulator, Jonathan Brearley, warned that energy prices are likely to continue to rise, and called on the future Prime Minister of the United Kingdom to take new measures to combat rising prices.

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