Ten times faster internet connections by the end of the decade? CableLabs promises 10 Gbps bandwidth

Do Routers Affect Internet Speed?
Do Routers Affect Internet Speed?

Is 1 Gb / s Internet connection not enough and we absolutely need 10 Gb / s? According to, inter alia, CableLabs, an innovation lab for the cable industry that specializes in wired internet connections, just like that. Therefore, the effort of his and his partner companies is to ensure these ten times faster Internet connections by the end of the decade.

CableLabs and 10 Gbps cable connection on the horizon

Of course, CableLabs knows that 10 Gbps connections are downright ridiculous with interfaces stacked between important servers, for example, but they’re not the target of this announced revolution. When CableLabs mentions its plan, it means access to a 10 Gbps “last mile” Internet connection, which is from the nearest ISP node straight to your home or apartment. However, it is difficult to require companies to replace all their cabling, but CableLabs is aware of this and has therefore modernized the way data transmission works to increase the speed and reliability of wired Internet.

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Thanks to the DOCSIS 4.0 specification, CableLabs is able to use existing Hybrid Coaxial Fibers (HFCs) to deliver ultra-high speeds. It is said that Comcast, one of the member organizations, reached the speed of 4 Gb / s for uploading and downloading data last year, and Charter Communications was able to reach speeds of up to 8.5 Gb / s for downloading and 6 Gb / s for sending data to HFC. This year it has just been beaten.

To develop its technology, CableLabs used coherent optics, which is already used in long-distance, metropolitan and submarine networks, turning it into tasks in existing fiber-optic networks. On top of that, there was wavelength division multiplexing, and so this year Comcast’s test showed that this technology can achieve speeds of 10 Gb / s during the test. To increase the demand for these ultra-high speeds, CableLabs launched a 10G Challenge competition to develop applications for these networks.