The expert commented on the security of communication between departments through platforms

MOSCOW, 19 Oct – PRIME. Communication of departments through any platform does not guarantee the security of information transfer, since software can be hacked, said Alexander Sivolobov, Deputy Head of the Skoltech-based NTI Competence Center for Wireless Communications and the Internet of Things.

The State Duma proposed to ban the use of WhatsApp for business purposes

Earlier Wednesday, Kommersant, citing a letter from the Ministry of Industry and Trade, reported that the ministry was asking industrial enterprises to stop using foreign instant messengers and videoconferencing systems (VCS), including Zoom, Skype and WhatsApp *, in order to ensure cybersecurity. As an alternative, the ministry proposes to use the services of Russian developers included in the register of domestic software.

“The decision to ban foreign communication platforms for use within the civil service is long overdue. There is a fact: communication through foreign communication systems – instant messengers, video conferencing systems (VCS) – can be tapped by specialists from other countries. Communication through Russian platforms, of course, does not guarantee against the opposite – after all, software (software) can be hacked,” Sivolobov emphasized.

According to the expert, Russian departments should be “maximally” present in all communication channels in order to convey their words to all audiences: “Russian, neighboring countries, countries of Europe, America, Asia and Africa.” The Telegram messenger in this matter is the “main all-Russian platform”: according to Sivolobov, there is not yet “a single product that even comes close to the convenience of this platform.”

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“Russian departments will not leave Telegram anywhere, as this is the shortest and most popular channel of communication with the Russian audience. Leaving Telegram will mean a loss of contact with people – to an information vacuum that is filled with rumors and speculation,” the expert added.

WhatsApp is an application owned by Meta* that allows you to send and receive messages, calls, photos, videos, documents, and voice messages.

*The activities of Meta (social networks Facebook and Instagram) are banned in Russia as extremist.

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