The expert told what will replace Dell computers in the Russian market

MOSCOW, August 26 – PRIME. Personal computers of the Dell brand in the Russian market will be able to replace companies such as Lenovo, Xiaomi and Huawei, R-Style Softlab commercial director Denis Khadaskov told RIA Novosti.

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Earlier, the media reported that Dell was leaving Russia, laying off the entire staff.

“In the segment of personal computers, among the large companies that have not left the domestic market, there is the Chinese Lenovo. In addition, Xiaomi and Huawei computers are widely represented in Russia,” the expert answered the question about replacing Dell products in the Russian market.

According to him, buyers will also have access to the equipment of the departed companies, imported as part of parallel imports.

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Hadaskov recalled that Dell is one of the market leaders in computers, servers and network equipment. At the end of last year, 9.9 million personal computers were delivered to the EMEA region (Europe, Africa and the Middle East), of which 6.5% fell to the share of Dell. At the same time, in the second quarter of 2022, Dell deliveries in the specified region decreased by 5.2%. In terms of global computer shipments, Dell ranks third, behind only Lenovo and HP, the expert concluded.