The expert told when the ATM will scan the retina

NOVOSIBIRSK, 24 Aug – PRIME. It will be possible to withdraw cash from ATMs in five years using a wide range of biometrics, for example, identifying with the help of a retina, but for now the main problem in this direction is to ensure security when transferring such data between individual banks, shared his opinion with RIA Novosti on the sidelines of the Technoprom forum -2022″ Deputy Director of the NTI Competence Center “Trusted Interaction Technologies” based on TUSUR Ruslan Permyakov.

The expert told whether the face recognition system in the smartphone can be wrong

“To strengthen protection (in the fight against theft of money from cards – ed.), the possibilities of using biometric identification when withdrawing cash from ATMs, as well as correlating the location of the transaction with the GPS / GLONASS data of the user’s smartphone, are being explored,” he said.

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“In the next five years, Russians can access new services using biometric information…. Biometric identification can be carried out through cameras, provided that the transmitted image is of good quality, as well as using voice recognition, fingerprint or retinal scanning,” the expert noted.

“Unfortunately, now we are in a crisis: there are no good solutions, but they are needed, since the losses are cosmic. Only in the first quarter of last year, Russians lost 350 million rubles due to thefts that fraudsters committed using ATMs and terminals,” said expert, referring to the data of the Central Bank.

Permyakov clarified that at the moment, in order to increase the security of clients’ financial resources, companies are developing solutions based on the analysis of “big data”, including building behavioral models of clients. Such systems detect and block non-standard user operations. However, according to the expert, in addition to fraud, there is an important problem – the transfer of biometric data themselves between banks.

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“When a client of (one – ed.) bank withdraws money from (another – ed.) bank, the open question is how to quickly transfer identification data so that security is not affected … So far, such technologies are a matter of the distant future, but the first steps in this direction have been taken by creating a unified biometric identification system,” Permyakov explained.

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