The government will help the transition of the oil industry to domestic diesel generators

KRASNY BOR (Yaroslavl region), August 31 — PRIME. The Russian government will work out recommendations for domestic companies in the oil and gas sector so that they more actively use domestically produced diesel generator equipment, Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin said on Wednesday during a visit to one of the plants of the PSM group of companies in the Yaroslavl region.

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Director General of the enterprise Andrei Medvedev reported to the head of the Cabinet that oil and gas companies and other resource companies with state participation mainly use imported diesel generator sets, and asked for help in promoting Russian equipment. “I walked around your plant and also thought about how to stimulate it. There are a number of tools for this that the Ministry of Industry and Trade is developing. As for companies in the oil and gas sector, we will definitely give such recommendations. We will work on this issue in more detail with the Ministry of Industry and Trade,” Mishustin agreed. “If they don’t buy (equipment), the quality won’t improve,” he stressed.

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At the same time, Mishustin noted, a lot also depends on the manufacturers themselves. He asked Medvedev if PSM would be able to expand and scale production to fulfill such orders. “We are confident that we can, we are ready to bear personal responsibility,” the CEO replied. “Together with the governor,” the prime minister added.

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Medvedev noted that, in general, the development of the economy and industry is an important aspect for him personally. “Do not believe it, for us for all too,” Mishustin responded with a smile. He stressed that with the expansion of opportunities for the sale of products, their quality should not suffer.

“It is very good that you are engaged in industrial sovereignty, as for the products that you produce, of course, they are in great demand. It is very important for us in Russia to pay the most serious attention to this area,” the prime minister concluded.

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He advised PSM to use all state support tools to implement their projects. After listening to a report on plans to build the second phase of the PSM Prime plant in the Yaroslavl region, Mishustin advised to seek help from VEB.RF.

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