The hash rate of the Bitcoin network reaches the record value of 83.5 EH / s

Innosilicon A11 Pro ETH Review
Innosilicon A11 Pro ETH Review

The hash rate of the Bitcoin network reaches the record value of 83.5 EH / s confirms that the hash rate of the Bitcoin network has reached a record high of 83.5 EH / s. This is the best BTC achievement in its ten-year history and the first time the hashrate has exceeded 80 EH / s.

Hashrate refers to the computing power that holds the Bitcoin network. The larger this is, the more miners process and validate transactions. A high hash rate also means better security and often better decentralization of mining power for more users.

Meanwhile, the price of Bitcoin has remained below the $ 10,000 threshold this weekend.

Google Trends: Bitcoin, more popular than Brexit talks

Despite the importance of discussions on Brexit, “Bitcoin” is a more sought-after topic on Google than “Brexit” and “Boris”, the new British prime minister. The Google Trends statistic is valid globally, although in the UK the opposite is true.

However, there is another correlation between Brexit and Bitcoin than Google Trends. Many argue that the chaotic departure of the United Kingdom from the European Union could help raise the BTC price. This will probably be due to the rapid depreciation of the pound against the euro, due to increased concerns about a so-called no-deal-Brexit.

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It may not be surprising that Bitcoin is attracting more attention globally than Brexit, especially since the asset represents a protection against global risks.

Ethereum complies with Islamic Sharia law

Amanie Advisors, a Sharia Islamic finance consulting firm, has established that Ethereum is in compliance with Islamic religious law.

In a post posted on their site, Amanie Advisors announced that the company has partnered with the Ethereum Foundation to establish the platform’s compliance with the Sharia religious law. Following the collaboration, the company released a whitepaper confirms Ethereum’s compliance with Islamic morals and grants Sharia approval for the project and cryptocurrency.

The company said that the purpose of the research is to support the involvement of the Islamic community in developing smart contracts and DApps according to Sharia.

In July last year, Stellara became the first crypto protocol to obtain Sharia compliance certification in the field of money transfer and tokenization of assets.

Samsung is adding support for BTC, BNB and a number of stable cryptocurrencies

After launching the Galaxy S10 phone with the built-in crypto portfolios option, Samsung has made an effort to add other widely used tokens to the market. Wallets for Bitcoin and Ethereum will be automatically generated by the device. Binance Coin and Basic Attention Token (BAT) were added to the portfolio along with several stable currencies such as TrueUSD, Maker and USDC. It is of interest that Tether is missing from this list.

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Adding blockchain wallets to smartphones is a necessary step towards mass adoption. The fact that people can carry their money in their pocket is one of the biggest benefits for cryptocurrencies.