The number of enterprises from Uzbekistan on Alibaba will reach a hundred by the end of the year

MOSCOW, 26 Sep — PRIME. One hundred enterprises of Uzbekistan will place their products on the Alibaba platform on the Internet by the end of the year, the press service of the Uzbek Ministry of Investment and Foreign Trade (MIFT) reported.

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As part of an agreement between the export promotion agency under the MIFT and Alibaba Group, 70 exporting enterprises of Uzbekistan have registered their products on the world-famous marketplace, and they have already exported products worth $67.1 million through the online platform.

“Every day, the presence of Uzbek exporters and manufacturers on this site is expanding, and by the end of 2022 it is planned to increase their number to 100,” the publication on the official website of the department noted, adding that among the enterprises are producers of fresh and dried fruits and vegetables. , finished textile and other products, companies providing travel services.

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On the Alibaba platform, a permanent national pavilion of Uzbekistan was also launched, which housed more than 100 items of the highest quality and most popular products of the three main sectors of the country – textile, agricultural, food industries, the press service said. And by the end of the year, the number of commodity items is planned to be increased to three hundred due to the opening of new industry sections – electrical engineering, furniture and accessories, leather and footwear products, sports goods, children’s toys, the MIFT added.

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