The prices of video cards are falling, albeit slow, thanks also to memories

The prices of video cards are falling, albeit slow, thanks also to memories

Prices of video cards in possible decrease in the coming months, after a long period of retail price lists much higher than the official ones? This seems to be the direction in which the market is moving, with all the necessary precautions it is good to remember.

Let’s start with a fact: the demand for video cards for cryptocurrency mining has experienced a sharp slowdown for some months now due to the decrease in the value of cryptocurrencies and the initiatives implemented by some governments to reduce the energy impact caused by mining farms.

The drop in demand from miners has made it possible to have more cards available, so as to at least partially balance the demand from gamers and in this way allow a first decline in retail price lists.

Secondly, the market stands recording a drop in the prices of DRAM memories, one of the most expensive components for building modern and powerful video cards. Trendforce highlights just how the drop in demand for components for cryptocurrency mining has had an impact on memory prices, a market that tends to respond very quickly to changes in demand.

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All this is progressively bringing the prices of retail video cards back to values ​​in line with those of the official price lists, although the path is still long and not without obstacles. Gamers benefit from this, seeing higher-end cards more accessible although the descent of prices will still take time. All obviously on condition that the companies are able to ensure adequate production volumes and do not encounter, as happened in recent months, production shortages.

We will see how this dynamic will materialize on retail market prices as early as this month of August, when the first AMD cards of the family will go on sale. Radeon RX 6600XT announced in recent days. It is unlikely that prices can immediately be aligned with the recommended list prices, but it is unlikely that we will see that race to the top that has led to almost triple the market prices for some models in recent months.

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