The Russians were warned about a new scheme of fraud through instant messengers

MOSCOW, 6 Oct — PRIME. Another type of telephone fraud has appeared in Russia. So, a citizen receives a call via one of the messengers (more often Viber, less often WhattsApp). A female voice gives the full name, first name and patronymic of a person, and then introduces herself as an employee of the inquiry department of one of the regional departments of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, Ivan Solovyov, an honored lawyer of Russia, tells the Prime agency.

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The pseudo-employee of the Ministry of Internal Affairs reports that the department has opened a criminal case on the fact of forging documents. Then he asks who the citizen is with the same surname as his, but with a different name and patronymic.

In this case, the name of the potential victim is kept to attract attention and cause concern, but the name and patronymic are fictitious.

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“It is quite understandable that a person becomes interested in what kind of namesake is trying to encroach on his funds with the help of a fake power of attorney, while calling himself his relative,” the expert explains.

At the next stage of the fraudulent scheme, the attacker reports that the suspect forged and presented to the bank a power of attorney allegedly on behalf of a citizen to withdraw cash and arrange loans. And, in order to clarify the information that is significant for the investigation, she needs to verify the data provided by the “mythical criminal with the real financial information of a citizen.”

Further, according to Solovyov, everything develops depending on the degree of fright and gullibility of the victim. It may simply be fishing for sensitive personal financial information in order to commit fraud in the very near future. Or maybe an offer to transfer money to a safe account or help the investigation – to participate in operational activities, following the instructions.

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“In all three cases, the result is the same – the loss of financial resources of the victims. It must be remembered that a call on a messenger is a clear sign of fraud, and law enforcement officers do not call citizens and do not offer to verify personal data and participate in investigative actions,” the lawyer concludes.

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