Two major smartphone charging myths debunked

MOSCOW, 4 Sep — PRIME. When buying new phones, both friends and consultants in the store give different tips aimed at extending the life of the gadget. Some of them are useful and some are not. The two most common myths about new smartphones in an interview with the Prime agency were dispelled by Sergey Kuzmenko, a senior specialist in digital product testing at Roskachestvo.

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You can often hear advice from sales consultants that in order to properly use the phone’s battery, you must first discharge it to zero, then charge it all the way and discharge it again.

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“This advice applies to nickel batteries, which used to be (more than 10 years ago) used in phones everywhere,” the source said.

Now, the vast majority of devices use mostly lithium-ion batteries, for which the old tips are not suitable, he explained.

“For the longest possible battery life, you should try to keep the charge level from 20% to 80%, i.e. it is not recommended to strongly discharge the device and fully charge it,” the expert added.

“You should also not put the device on charge overnight, because after a full charge, the device will continue to periodically receive energy as soon as the charge level drops to 99%,” Kuzmenko said.

All of this will shorten the life of your battery in the long run. There is also a potential fire hazard when charging the device overnight. But this is possible only if the charge controller fails and the energy goes to the battery without restrictions, the expert said.

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The second tip for using new phones concerns chargers. Allegedly, it is impossible to use a “non-native” wire or adapter from an old phone: this reduces the life of the gadget.

“If the specification of the charger is the same with the new adapter, then you can. You need to look at the output values ​​u200bu200bof volts and amperes. In the event that the adapter has the same values ​​u200bu200band the old value has lower parameters, then you can use the old adapter. If the old adapter has an output the power of volts and amperes is higher, you need to familiarize yourself with the characteristics of the smartphone and understand whether the power of the adapter you want to use is within acceptable limits,” the specialist summed up.

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