US-China trade war, a "good" for Bitcoin?

Guerra commerciale USA – Cina, un “bene” per Bitcoin? - cina usa3

According to a recent report on CNBC, the White House would be considering stopping US companies from investing in China. It is also for this reason that the actions of the main Chinese companies have suffered important repercussions, only to witness the declarations of the American Treasury, which has silenced the rumors.

However, with the trade negotiations that will only resume on 10 October, uncertainty casts doubt on the possibility of a resolution. The latter debacle, coming from the White House, only served to inject more anxiety into the markets. And worse, it may have damaged what remains of China's lack of affability.

That being the case, the growing commercial tensions, and the looming global recession, Could they be the catalyst for a boom in Bitcoin prices?

Many investors are wondering, especially in a context like the current one, where everything that will happen is still enveloped by clouds. However, if a hypothesis such as the one identified above actually materializes, it would be a highly impacting shock. So impactful that a government spokesman had to throw water on the fire, saying that "the administration is not planning to block Chinese companies from listing shares on American stock exchanges right now." Not providing any further detail has however increased uncertainty rather than allaying fears of further protectionism.


According to what Bloomberg commented in the same hours, in fact, the plans to limit American investments in China are actually real, and the White House officials would also be very annoyed that their plans were leaked to the public at such an early stage.

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Sanctioned this, while the commercial negotiations will resume in a few days, there is no doubt that these rumors create further anger in that of Beijing. The delisting of Chinese companies would affect billions of guaranteed investments in the United States. And it comes at a time when the Chinese Communist Party is trying to increase foreign access to its markets. That being the case, as the world falters on the brink of a global recession, a wave of further hostilities does nothing to resolve the nervousness.

As such, talking about Bitcoin as a "favorite" asset is certainly not a utopia. Although cryptocurrency has lost ground in the past week, it remains one of the few options left as a hedge against economic collapse …

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