Why water does not damage the components of our PC

Why water does not damage the components of our PC

Water does not conduct electricity

Let’s leave a clear thing from the beginning: water does not conduct electric current. Well, to be completely truthful in this statement, it should be noted that the electrical conductivity of water is so low, that it can be considered negligible. This is because the electric current is always transported based on ions that possess excited particles. However, water atoms are not easily excited. This results in no ions being generated and therefore no electrical conduction in a relevant amount.

Now, we have all heard about electrocutions that occur when a electric current comes in contact with water. What are these due to? In reality, they are due to the fact that the water with which the electric current comes into contact is not pure water. It is water in which certain are dissolved solid. And its proportion of dissolution in water is what varies its electrical behavior.

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It is the solids dissolved in the water that are to blame

The conductivity Electric water is as follows:

  • Pure water: 5.5 × 10-6 S / m
  • Drinking water: 0.005 to 0.05 S / m
  • Saltwater: 5 S / m

S / m is the Unit in which the electrical conductivity is measured. It means Siemens per meter.

Therefore the deionized distilled water, which is often used in liquid cooling circuits, conducts electricity so badly that it can be considered as not. But, as you can see, drinking water is capable of conducting an electric current more easily. And this is because in drinking water there are minerals or other substances that do ionize with some ease. This means that ions can be released and captured, which allows for electrical conductivity.

Now we can also speak from our personal experience. We have been opened a liquid cooling circuit With the PC running. And it has caused that both the motherboard and the graphics card have been soaked with water. However, the equipment continued to run smoothly until we turned it off. This is because the circuit was filled with distilled water. And in such water, ions are not created in large quantities. Because the proportion of solids dissolved in it is tiny.

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However, this does not mean that what happened to us is exempt from risks Because at the moment when the water leaves the circuit and comes into contact with the components. It is contaminated with dust deposited on them. And such contamination, if it is high enough, can lead to a short circuit in the system.

Therefore, if what we have told you now happens to you, do not be alarmed. Turn off the PC with total normality. But do not let it work for a long time, under penalty of creating a mess of difficult repair.

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