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2021 Olympics: How to stream them from abroad
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The Olympics are a huge international sporting event, athletes of many nationalities compete in exciting competitions. Without a doubt it is an appointment that every self-respecting sports fan does not want to miss, perhaps even to cheer on our colors. But, as those who live abroad already know, it is not always easy to see the races.

In fact, the rights are not always managed in the same way, so sometimes the races are not available in the clear. Moreover, given the very dense calendar of the event, every country and every television network favors the competitions that see their athletes at an advantage. Finally, the commentary is obviously not in our language and this, for some, can lose some of the charm and pathos of some of the races.

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In this article we will look at all the ways to see the Olympic competitions through the Italian channels. By law, in fact, in Italy, some sporting events, including the Olympics, must be broadcast in the clear. Traditionally it is our public service, so RAI broadcasts all the Tokyo 2021 Olympics matches.

The methods to stream the 2021 Olympics abroad

As anyone used to going abroad will have noticed, if you connect to the Rai Play site, the service informs us that it is not available outside our borders (message: RAI holds the rights to stream the content exclusively for connections from Italy).

All this happens because it detects that the IP address from which you are connected is not Italian. It is a typical territorial block.

Provide an Italian IP address while browsing the site is the only way to deceive the service e use a VPN turns out to be the best way to do this. A Virtual Private Network in fact, due to its architecture, allows you to bypass territorial blocks.

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The best free methods

The races, as we said, will be broadcast on Rai channels, here are the updated links for viewing abroad (unfortunately they are not very reliable). They go through a free proxy service.

We also dedicated an appreciated article to how to see Rai channels abroad.

Obviously, the service managers soon realized the tricks, so often proxies stop working and the IP addresses of free VPN service servers like Hola VPN are blocked.

Likewise, The handy Kodi KLTV addon no longer works which allowed to see the Italian channels abroad quite easily.

So, to date, if you want to be sure of being able to see Italian channels abroad, it is better to turn to VPNs.

The best paid methods to see the Olympics outside Italy

The situation changes completely if you invest a modest amount in a good paid VPN service. These services guarantee fast Italian servers with often renewed IP addresses in order to allow access to Italian sites and services not normally available abroad.

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In fact, it would be very annoying to be interrupted while watching a race, for buffering problems (loading) or even worse because the server IP has been blocked. These are all things anyone who chooses a good VPN service shouldn’t worry about.

In case of unlikely problems with RaiPlay, it might be worth trying with RSI too; The public service of Italian-speaking Switzerland should have the rights of the 2021 Olympics even if it has not yet published the schedules. So it should allow you to follow the races with commentary in our language. Obviously, to see the RSI channels (LA1 and LA2) from the portal, you need to connect to the Swiss server of the VPN service you have chosen.

So to summarize, log into the VPN service of your choice and:

  • connect to the Italian server and then access the direct from RaiPlay ( Rai 1 HD, RAI 2 HD, RAI 3 HD, RAI Sport 1, Rai Sport 2);
  • connect to the Swiss server, and then access the live coverage of the RSI site (LA1 e LA2).
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The best services that we show you in this list are the ones that, from our tests, have been shown to have great Italian servers that are not detected by the portals:

1. Express VPN

Express VPN Italian Channels

This is another very high quality VPN service. It offers a lot of servers and is considered the best way to get around territorial blockades. In addition, they pride themselves on allowing theaccess to all Italian services from abroad. Express VPN offers a very high degree of security combined with excellent performance. You can learn more by reading our Express VPN review.

2. CyberGhost VPN

CyberGhost VPN: torrent

This is a true top VPN service. It is slightly more expensive than average but the value for money is very high. It offers many servers all very fast, maximum security, and from our tests it was also one of the best in customer support. Furthermore, it is simple to use and fully translated into our language. You can learn more by checking out our popular CyberGhost review.

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3. PrivateVPN

PrivateVPN banner

This VPN service is also high-end. All this translates into an obsessive attention to security, in many and excellent broadband servers scattered all over the globe. Private VPN is an excellent solution to bypass territorial blocks, and see Italian channels without problems. We therefore invite you to consult our review dedicated to PrivateVPN.

Finally, we invite you to consult our in-depth analysis on the best VPN services to see Italian channels abroad.

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