How to access Steam games without an internet connection

Como usar juegos Steam sin conexión a internet

Although we can still find platforms such as Epic Games, Origin, BattleNet and others, when we talk about computer games we can’t help but think of Steam first. And is that with the recently published figure of more than 26.4 million users connected at the beginning of this year, and a catalog with 80,000 content between titles and additional content, Valve’s platform undoubtedly continues to be the clear favorite.

Thus, although as a general rule these platforms are based on a login and a mandatory connection, if for any reason we have been left without an internet connection, we will not be condemned for not being able to access our games. And it is Steam offline mode It will allow us to continue enjoying our games.

What should I know before using Steam offline

The first of all will be to make sure that we comply with the two previous steps necessary to access this service: have a Steam account created and configured, having previously logged into the client of the computer you want to use offline at least once. to carry out this process; and keep our login information saved, selecting the option «Remember me» to be eligible for automatic login.

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On the other hand, highlight the fact that the progress of our games will not be saved in the Steam cloud auto sync, so once we recover the internet connection, we must ensure that the platform updates the stored data. Something that however will not happen with the achievements, which yes they will be available and they will be added as normal when we play offline.

Similarly, it should be noted that we will only have access to single player titles and those games with local multiplayer modes, as long as they are updated. Obviously, we will not have access to those titles in our library belonging to other online services of the platform, such as family loans.

How to enable Steam mode offline

Once we are out of reach of our network, either because we are away from home or simply because our Internet connection does not work properly, we will only have to perform the following steps to start the offline mode of Steam:

  • Open Steam or any game associated with the platform
  • Wait for the login to fail and the pop-up window to open
  • Click the button “Restart in offline mode”
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Steam without internet connection

As for the return to normal online mode, it will be very simple, requiring only and exclusively close the app and log in again once we have re-established our connection, with a process that will run automatically by the platform itself.

On the other hand, although it is normal for Steam to run normally in online mode by default, we can always force boot this offline mode to check in advance which games will be accessible once, even without the need to cut our network connection.

  • Open the Steam app
  • At the top left, we will click on the “Steam” tab and select the option «Go offline»
  • Once the pop-up window opens, we will select the button «Restart in offline mode«

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