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Asic Antminer S1 Hashrate – Review | Specification | Advantages and Disadvantage’s| Hashrate | Test| Set-up | Config: With the advent of the first Asik-miners, Bitcoin mining gradually turned into an occupation requiring substantial financial investments. In mid-2014, the best offer for cryptocurrency mining was AntMiner S1. Miner differed affordable price, energy efficiency and high power of 180 GH / s. Now the manufacturer of ASIC – the company Bitmain – has released many other improved models with better performance. However, for the price they are not available to every user.

Miner S1 was and remains inexpensive, reliable equipment for the extraction of Bitcoin cryptocurrency. Power consumption is only 360 watts. During operation, the unit generates a lot of heat. In winter, this will be a plus, since Asik is able to quickly heat the room in which it is located. Although the strong noise of the fan will not allow for a long time to enjoy the heat. Therefore, for such a miner, it is desirable to provide a suitable room.

Advantages of Asic Antminer S1

Advantages of Asic Antminer S1

A variety of ASICs and their analogues now makes it possible to choose the appropriate option based on their own preferences and financial capabilities. Previously, miners enthusiasts had to be content with CPUs. On the top-end Core i7, the hash rate was about 33 megabytes per second. But the extraction of cryptocurrency in this way did not last long.

The evolution of mining equipment is amazing. In just three years, the “foreign exchange” industry has created a new class of computers, such as Antminer S1 from Bitmain and the like. She completed the path of outdated technology 130 nm. It is time for modern electronics.

Bitcoin mining in a short time migrated from the CPU to the graphic GPU. Then, the FPGA generation quickly came up with something more powerful and cold. These chips were not as versatile as the CPU, but they were more energy efficient. The finished product had a high cost, however, was stable and compact. Another plus FPGA was a small power consumption.

FPGA existed for a short time without playing a significant role in the production of cryptomonet. Users were much more pleased to mine on inexpensive affordable video cards. But such developments have become very useful to manufacturers of equipment ASIC. It was similar software, the layout of devices and wiring boards. FPGA used for different tasks. Asik chips performed and perform only one. But they do it more efficiently than any processor.

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With the onset of the ASIC era, all previous types came to an end. Well, besides video cards (mining on video cards is still very effective, it brings excellent profit). Compared with other equipment, ASIC miners:

  • Compact
  • More productive
  • More energy efficient

The prices for them were and are high. Along with the growing popularity of cryptocurrency, there was a growing interest in its mining. The optimal solution, given the high cost of miners, was the acquisition of AntMinerˊa ​​S1, which has excellent characteristics. He was especially good for beginners in the field of mining, as, by the way, and now. Easy to set up and completely affordable. In 2014, it cost about 15,000 rubles. The price today ranges from 7 to 12 thousand rubles.

Asic Antminer S1 Hashrate

The high price of ASICS forces users to look for new solutions. Often prefer cloud mining. But you can go the other way – buy an inexpensive ASIC S1. The device has high performance. The hash rate is 180 to 200 GH / s.

Asic Antminer S1 Specification

Do I need to look to the expensive models, if there is a miner S1? Now about this in more detail. Equipment is supplied in well-designed packaging. This is important. This Ashik has such an insignificant minus as an open construction. Two motherboards are not closed by anything. That is, they are easy to damage. In addition, they are not protected from dust. If the device will be in the bedroom, quickly become dusty. Also, the miner should stand out of the reach of children. The best option is the garage. Even better – a special room, designed specifically for mining.

The main parameters (Specs) of the ASIC Antminer S1:

  • Hashing speed – 180 – 200 GH / s (depends on the firmware and how the equipment will be configured).
  • The power consumption is 360-420 W (the “fault” is also the firmware and power output in the GH. As well as the type of chips installed on Asik. For example, if there are 55-nm chips, then the power will be 360-420 W. The 28-nm chips will provide 80 – 200 W, but miners S1 on these chips are rare).
  • The number of chips – 32 pcs.
  • Weight – about 5 kg.
  • Built-in Wi-Fi module.

Together with the miner, special software is included in the delivery. This can be called a real computer built into Asik. Works with OS: Windows, Mac or Linux. All that is required from the user is to configure Asik from the browser. And that’s all. Go to the pool and extract, for example, Bitcoin.

Connect the main computer to the equipment is not necessary. The miner has his own Ethernet connection (only a power supply is needed). When the settings are complete, Antminer will start working independently.

As you can see, the miner S1 has a rather high hash rate. Electricity consumes a little (on chips 28 nm – 80 – 200 W). Bitmain Antminer S1 is easy to set up, which is convenient for beginners in the field of mining. To use is simple. To purchase S1 or more expensive equipment is up to the buyer. It all depends on preferences and financial capabilities.

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What to look for when buying?

To avoid difficulties when choosing ASIC, it will be useful to use some rules:

  1. The first rule is to consider the efficiency of the equipment. That is, you need to look at the hashrate. This is what is crucial.
  2. The second rule is to pay attention to power consumption. There are energy efficient miners like S1. There are also devices with a much greater appetite. Therefore, before buying, you should calculate whether there is enough network capacity.

As for the prices for miners, their cost soars along with the growth and popularity of cryptocurrency. Also, a new model is always more expensive than the previous one. For example, the cost of Asik S2 is almost 10 more than the cost of S1. It is better to buy equipment directly from the manufacturer – it will be cheaper than from intermediaries.

Power supply Asic Antminer S1

For S1 are well suited computer ATX power supplies with a capacity of 500 watts. That is, Antminer S1, consuming according to the characteristics of 360 – 420 W, can be connected to the same unit that is installed on a stationary PC. Naturally, you need to choose a quality product with a thick cross-section of wires, or buy a device with two pairs of IDE power wires. It is necessary to use special adapters. After all, power ASIC occurs through power PCI-E.

Power supply Asic Antminer S1

In case of insufficient wire cross-section or the use of one forked IDE, the wires will begin to heat up. If a cheap block is purchased, it is likely that they will float. Is that bad. You need to buy high-quality BP.

You can give preference to products Chieftec. And better than APW5 power supply units from the manufacturer Bitmain, a company that has proven itself well. This is a new product that is compatible with 110 and 220V power supply. This BP will protect against overload and network drops. Unlike the miner itself, it will function silently. And its high power will allow you to simultaneously connect several AS1 S1 (up to 7 pieces).

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Connecting and Setting – Antminer S1

Miner S1 consists of two halves, one of which is controlling and is able to function by itself. The second connects only in the case of the first. AntMiner S1 is powered through PCI-E power. So you need to use special adapters. Then Ashik’s connection to the home network follows (it should go through the router). The process is easy and even a novice will quickly understand what’s what (the LAN output is located on the control board, next to the cooler). The following actions:

  1. Click the Reset button. After rebooting the system, S1 will have basic firmware settings and an IP address. By the way, IP is put on a sticker (it is located on the miner immediately above the cooler).
  2. We type the IP address in the browser.
  3. In the control system, enter the username and password.
  4. Then choose a pool, go through registration and authorization.
  5. Enter the pool data and save the settings.
Connecting and Setting - Antminer S1

Is done. After these actions in the Miner Status section and on the site of the selected pool in the user account Bitcoin mining should go. Ashik’s design is thought out, so there will be no problems with the device. As for the cooling system, it was designed competently, but in the process of work a lot of heat is generated. This miner would be good as a heater, however, because of the strong noise he would need, as mentioned above, a special room.


Simple, no frills ASIC Antminer S1 from the manufacturer Bitmain – a budget version of the extraction of cryptocurrency Bitcoin. It is inexpensive, but has good performance. It consumes a small amount of energy. The hash rate is 180 GH \ s. If there is access to cheap electricity, it is possible to overclock the device and up to 200 – 205 GH \ s.

Convenience and ease of use – thanks to these advantages, the model is ideal for beginners in the field of mining. You can try to mine on this equipment, and eventually switch to more expensive asiki. In any case, the equipment brings income and it can always be sold at a good price.

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