Miner Baikal Giant x11 – Hashrate|Profitability| Specs

Miner Baikal Giant x11 - Hashrate Profitability Specs

Find out the hashrate, Specs, Pros and Cons and all so the profitability you can earn with the Miner Baikal Giant x11. Bitcoin / SHA-256 and Scrypt are the only, until recently, algorithms supported by ASIC chips for the possibility of receiving remuneration in the form of commissions from mining of popular cryptocurrencies. Their development is expensive, there are problems with memory and high technical requirements. Baikal Giant is one of the first representatives of asic miners, who have the opportunity to mine large cryptocurrencies, including Dash.

Miner Baikal Giant x11 Hashrate - Profitability Specs Advantages

The device is small, but has all the necessary power for mining cryptocurrency. Users can immediately extract a specific coin on the most popular algorithm. Manufacturers indicated a capacity of 150 MHs / s, in practice, the indicators are even higher – around 160 MHs / s. Due to its compactness and low weight, delivery will be inexpensive.

Baikal Giant x11 Advantages

Baikal, when compared with other mechanisms, is very convenient and compact. To ensure stable operation, the OrganePi controller is located at the bottom, and the cooling cooler is at the top. Developers and users when reviewing mining equipment for Baikal X11 highlight the following advantages:

  • during operation the device produces no noise
  • power consumption of only 40 watts
  • takes up little space
  • cheaper than most video cards

Baikal Giant x11 Specification

Baikal Giant has a fully enclosed housing. The model consists of a three-level frame. As a fan protection, a classic cooler grille was used; 4 bronze racks were installed to support it, which are installed between the plates of the case.

The developers tried to save space as much as possible by refusing to install a power supply unit in the main body of the device, instead offering users to use a regular power cord with an adapter. The adapter is not included in the package.

Among the technical characteristics are:

  • standard conversion of a specified input array lasts 150 Mx / c
  • transformation algorithms of this X11 model
  • 40 watt power consumption
  • the user can be used as software OrangePi and Ethernet
  • miner temperature is within 40 degrees
  • dimensions: length 31, width 13 and height 15 centimeters
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Through the software, users can obtain data on the operation of the built-in temperature sensor. Ashik’s temperature from Baikal is low, so you don’t even need this sensor. There is support for 6 mining algorithms, you can switch between them using a special button. You need to know that Baikal Giant makes it easy to switch to the most profitable currency.

Baikal Giant x11 Specification

Interface – Giant x11

Raspberry Pi is a universal module used by many users and developers, it acts in Baikal Mini Miner ASIC as a network controller. After launching on the main page, users will see 3 main sections: graphics, pools and devices. Conveniently located information about important parameters: temperature, frequency of the processor, the conversion of the input data array. There are also quick links to the main sections. There is nothing difficult in setting up mining, just edit the basic data for yourself, choose the sections you need and statistical data.

Interface - Giant x11

There is a specific password to log in, which is not listed in the documentation. The password is quite simple – “baikal” in the lower registry.

The interface is perfectly thought out, supports the terminal directly from the application. In a separate tab is a wizard with the main sections. A list of the best mining pools is built in to the left so that users can mine Dash and other cryptocurrencies. With the help of the items presented in the left part of the program, you can quickly fill in information about pools, then you only need to correctly enter the worker data.

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Profitability Baikal Giant x11

If we talk about profitability, it is necessary to consider only real conditions. Baikal Giant supports the X11 algorithm, which is considered one of the most common and profitable. The 150 Watt application allows the program to function quickly, and the user can easily switch between sections. If you want to make a good profit, use the device to search for new currencies on the X11 algorithm. Mining results are impressive, the system works without drops and disconnections.

There is a huge amount of mining pools, this is not even the well-known cryptocurrency Bitcoin. Special attention is given to the arena of alternative digital currencies. In the pools, each new coin appears instantly, which allows you to immediately start earning money.

Profitability Baikal Giant x11

You can use cryptocurrencies and their earnings by converting power. If you choose NiceHash, you can get almost passive income in bitcoin. If we take the most profitable algorithms, then taking into account the overhead costs, the profit will be $ 2 per day.

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The team of creators keeps in touch with users. Anyone can contact them via Skype or by sending an email. If you reveal in detail the essence of the latest news, one of the developers said that it fully supports the creation of powerful and technological devices. This increases the popularity of sites actively using the x11 algorithm.

Let’s highlight the main points from a mining bike review:

  1. The device is easy to use, setup takes only about 10 minutes, and you can understand the settings and switching between sections without special skills.
  2. The design is simple, all unnecessary items are removed.
  3. The chip of this device is developed on a 40-nm technological processor. This gives hope for further development and increase in functionality.

Miner Baikal X11 – a great purchase, worth the money. Among the analogs, this device surpasses all in the amount of electricity consumption. If the user wants to create a chain of devices, this model is ideal because of its compactness. It is easy to set up and use. Based on the 40-nm base allows you to constantly improve the parameter model.

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