Antminer S5 ASIC Hashrate – Review Profitability Payback Period

Antminer S5 Asic Hashrate - Review Profitability Payback Period

Antminer S5 ASIC Hashrate – Mining, Bitcoin, Blockchain – these words flooded the lexicon of many people interested in alternative ways to make money. If there is a desire to start independently producing cryptocurrency, then you can not do without miners. Today we look at the AntMiner S5 model with high power, low noise and attractive payback. Let us analyze the characteristics of the miner, discuss the price and the details of its settings.

It is no secret that the invention and mass entry into circulation of cryptocurrency rather shaken the market. What is most interesting, the first successful currency – Bitcoin – remains shrouded in mystery in many aspects: no one knows who its real creator is, what explains the inexplicable rate jumps, etc. PC owners are more interested in the topic of mining. After all, money, in fact, was near.

What is Mining? Mysterious word denotes the process of mining cryptocurrency. At first, when Bitcoin currency did not use such a demand, up to a thousand coins could be collected in a day, but with an increasing number of users connecting, finding “gold” among the “ore” began to take much longer.

Mining is constantly becoming more complex. Special ASIC machines appeared on the market, created only for the task of mine cryptocurrencies. If earlier it was possible to make money on only one video card, then now you have to create a farm of video cards and significantly increase the power of the equipment.

ASIC-AntMiner-S5 Mining Solutions

ASIC-AntMiner-S5 Mining Solutions

Renting a single farm is very expensive. And if you want to try to invest in cryptocurrency, not having multi-million dollar savings? Several options for earnings:

  • Mining on the computer.
  • Mining on several high-performance systems (servers).
  • The acquisition of special equipment.

Home video card mining is dying. If we are not talking about a farm – buying dozens of video cards. Today, more power is required. Therefore, the company Bitmain (the most popular manufacturer of miners) has released the ASIC AntMiner S5 model with good ventilation and power that no video card can match.

The need for high power creates a barrier to entering the cryptocurrency market on a regular PC. Most loaded processor and graphics card. The latter is best suited for mathematical calculations.

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ASIC circuits come to the rescue (in English, they are special-purpose integrated circuits). They are microcomputers, created specifically for a specific task, fit on one tiny crystal. And one of the solutions is the so-called “miners” – machines with coolers that connect to the Internet and begin to perform their task.

The distinctive features of miners can be attributed to remote configuration via a web interface. Actually, this is the only way to configure them, because in terms of configuration, miners are similar to routers – at least extra ports.

If we talk specifically about the Bitmain AntMiner S5 model for mining, then it is worth noting a good price, compactness, high performance. Miner is 3 years old, but he is still relevant and brings owner money.

What is included ASIC-AntMiner-S5

What is included ASIC-AntMiner-S5 ?

Included hardware and software to it. Setting up a Miner S5 for working with cryptocurrencies does not take much time. The only thing worth finding is a wire for powering a PCI Express with 6 pins (two pieces is enough). After that, the device must be connected to the network and connected to the Internet via a wired Ethernet connection.

Power supply not included. You need to purchase it in advance. Fit blocks from 600 watts. I also recommend thinking about soundproofing.

We turn to the “insides” of the miner himself. That list of components, which provided the optimal characteristics of AntMiner S5 in the process of mining itself.

  • Inside there are 2 compute boards with 15 BM1384 chips. This is a development company manufacturer Bitmain. Differ in sufficient energy efficiency even today.
  • The network controller is rendered separately.
  • The hashing rate reaches 1155 Gh / s.

Miner is 3 years old. The market is developing every day. Of course, cars are much more powerful. But the price is several times more expensive. Therefore, everyone is looking for a middle ground. The blockchain will be improved, and the old models will gradually become useless. It is necessary to sell and buy new items in time. You can also make the firmware AntMiner S5 to increase power to squeeze the maximum out of the equipment. But closely monitor the cooling.

ASIC AntMiner S5 Equipment Setup

ASIC-AntMiner-S5 Equipment setup

Miner gets a random IP address in the home subnet after connecting, so you first need to know it. There are several ways to do this, the easiest is to open a list of devices connected to the router (router) and find an unfamiliar address. We go around each. They should not be many, so in the end we go directly to the page asking for authorization. First you need to remember the password: “root”, then change it for security.

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Upon entering, you immediately get to the home page, or rather, to the page of the general state of the device. It will display the status of all processes, the OS version, the running time and the amount of free memory. But the most important tab is “Miner Configuration”. It is necessary to remove all the lines prescribed by the manufacturer, since the details of the manufacturer are entered by default.

Replace them with your data on the pool and cryptocurrency wallet. The same applies to the pool (you can combine computational power with other participants and receive rewards depending on your contribution). The remaining settings AntMiner S5 is better not to touch.

We recommend setting a miner with a static IP address. This will simplify further work. Dynamic IP address changes every time you log on. You need to climb into the configs again and enter a new address – this is inconvenient.

S5 work stability

There is a significant decrease in the temperature of the work of the miner compared with previous models. Past models warmed up to 70 degrees, S5 shows stable operation at 50-60.

Due to the decrease in temperature, the computing unit began to work more stable during acceleration. Low temperatures allow you to accelerate stronger, this is an absolute plus. Today, more powerful, almost silent Asik-miner models have appeared on the market. But to buy them is not easy – demand exceeds supply, and prices are too high at times. In this case, a preliminary order to wait a long time. And time in our case is money. Need to adapt to the conditions.

How much can you earn on S5

Profitability – How much can you earn on S5?

Buying equipment is just the beginning of the game. You have production facilities and now you can mine a fixed number of coins per day. It’s impossible to say exactly how much you can earn on the AntMiner S5 with stable equipment operation. You get a fixed number of coins per day. The question is, at what rate you sell them. And already from this it is necessary to subtract the daily costs of electricity and investments in the purchase of a miner. Before investing, consider the following points.

  1. The cost of miners. Calculate the payback of old models, compare with new products. Online calculators on the Internet a lot. It may be more profitable to buy several old models than one new one or vice versa. The situation is constantly changing.
  2. Advance buy and power supply. They are not included.
  3. Think about how much money will be spent on electricity, and whether you can be powered at home. Maybe it makes sense to rent a room?
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At the time of publication of the article with S5, it was possible to earn less than a dollar in Bitcoins. Not exactly what I would like. But if the course jumps up (which was repeatedly), then you can reach the net profit fairly quickly. Of course, one miner is not enough. We need to expand and buy more equipment. Recommend to mine different cryptocurrencies, and follow the new coins.

Mine gets harder. Profits are not the same. Algorithms are complicated. But you can still make money. Some are specifically located in cities with low electricity costs. An example is Siberia. And the temperatures for work of miners are comfortable and the cost of electricity is low. In the long run, this plays an important role.

Let’s go through the payback AntMiner S5 with constant work. A tangible profit model will not bring. But if the rate of mined cryptocurrency jumps up, then you can pay off in 5-7 months. Then work in the plus or in time to sell a miner and buy modern versions.


The model is still relevant among enthusiasts as an “experimental horse” and a platform for experiments. You can earn money if you correctly approach the process and consider promising areas. Should I buy? Again, we calculate on a calculator: how many coins can be mined per day and how much to sell them on the exchange. Subtract all expenses and make a conclusion.

I cannot write for sure: to buy or not. Because just yesterday, the use of this model of the miner was beneficial, and in a month everything would change. Write comments below the article. What do you use and what are you looking at? On the new Asiki bend unrealistic prices and still not available to find: everything is swept.

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