Radeon Hd 7970 Hashrate -Review|Profitability | Specs | Pros and Cons

Radeon Hd 7970 Hashrate -Review Profitability Specs Pros and Cons

Radeon Hd 7970 Mining Hashrate (Ethereum) – extract Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies using a video card is a promising way to make money for users who know how to risk. The demand for this equipment is constantly growing. The predecessors are ahead of the new high-performance models, among which the powerful Radeon HD 7970 graphics card is currently leading. For mining, this is an ideal option. AMD’s single-chip graphics card is suitable for Bitcoin, Ethereum and ZCach mining.

Energy efficient and with enhanced functionality, the product is based on a chip with an advanced architecture, which is performed by a 28-nanometer process technology. Such a video card definitely deserves praise. It greatly exceeds the previous models. In addition to the high price, there are practically no flaws.

Radeon Hd 7970 Mining video card: the pros and cons

Miners with experience prefer to mine cryptocurrency on video cards. Themselves collect “iron”, completing the device with the necessary details. The obtained power allows to achieve high mining efficiency. Profit goes great, the investment pays off quickly. The advantages of mining cryptocurrency in this way are obvious:

  • Passive income. One video card or four together with other devices provides high power and performance.
  • Save time. Quality equipment rarely fails. Checking its performance and temperature takes a couple of minutes.
  • Stable income. You can mine not only Bitcoin, but also other cryptocurrencies.

If you insure yourself against troubles, mining on the Radeon HD 7970 as well as on its predecessor video cards will bring one pleasure. For uninterrupted supply of electricity, you must install special batteries. This will eliminate malfunctions.

When you increase the turbine speed manually, there is a strong noise. This is a significant minus. But there is a way out – installation in the room air conditioner. It drowns out the noise, creating a comfortable atmosphere.

Radeon Hd 7970 Video Card Specs

 Radeon Hd 7970 Video Card Specs

AMD has long used the VLIW architecture for graphics solutions. And up until the advent of HD 6000 video cards, nothing has changed since the beginning of the Radeon HD 2000. And only with the beginning of the history of the HD 7000 series did the GCN architecture be used. Developed it specifically to improve the efficiency of calculations that are not directly related to 3D.

On the new microarchitecture, the GPU performs, for example, certain instructions already in 4 cycles, and not in 6, as in the VLIW. Due to this, the performance of the innovative Radeon HD 7970 video card for mining is many times more compared to HD 6970 – GCN computing resources are more efficiently used and distributed.

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AMD PowerTune and ZeroCore at a glance

Another innovation. A technology that controls the power consumption of a graphics processor. Helps to achieve good performance without the fear that consumption will go beyond the limits of the norm. Similar technology has been used before, but in the new video card it went to a completely different level.

ZeroCore is also an innovation. This technology reduces the power consumption of the GPU during downtime. And translates the processor into a “dream” if there is no signal from the PC to the monitor.

PCI Express 3.0

Support for 3rd generation PCI Express, introduced in the new 7970. It will be useful when eliminating weaknesses in the process of working with complex applications. New technologies CrossFire, AMD HD3D and Eyefinity – their video card also supports (simultaneous operation of these technologies).

Among other features of the new AMD video card:

  • RAM – 3 GB
  • Power consumption – 250 W
  • Increased GPU clock speed – up to 925 MHz
  • Computational power – 3.79 TFLOPS (increased by 40%)
  • Texture units – 128 pieces (there were 96 in the predecessor)
  • Texturing speed – 118.4 GT / s
  • The number of transistors GPU “Tahiti” – 4.31 billion

But one of the most significant innovations is the manufacture of the Tahiti graphics processor using the 28-nanometer technology process. As for the memory, there is almost nothing changed. HD 7970 uses 5,500 MHz of memory. Bus – 384 bits. This increased the memory bandwidth from 176 to 264 GB / s.

7970 video card potential

Mining of Ether, Bitcoin and Zikesh on the Radeon 7970 remains relevant today. The video card has excellent performance and excellent overclocking potential. If you try to overclock it, you can achieve an impressive result: the frequency of the core is 1160 MHz, and the memory is 7160 MHz. But this is when the turbine is controlled automatically.

You can overclock the video card even more. To do this, you need to wind the revolutions of the turbine manually. But the noise that has appeared will exceed all expectations. It is better to give preference to the core frequency of 1160 MHz for acoustic comfort.

Users often have a question, will the video card be burned during strong overclocking? Will not burn. It is only necessary not to increase the voltage supplied to the GPU. In case of failure, all frequencies will be reset to their original values ​​and the video card will continue its work.

Radeon Hd 7970 Mining Ethereum

And now it is the turn of the main point. How to mine cryptocurrency on the video card Radeon, which has such excellent characteristics? The performance of the model is high, the overclocking potential is excellent, and the power consumption cannot be called too large – only 250 watts. It remains only to connect the device and start earning, replenishing the cryptocurrency wallet with the help of the unique Radeon HD 7970 ETH. Mining starts after setting up the program.

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The new AMD video card is recognized as the best for the mining of Ether. The Ethereum memory algorithm is extremely demanding. In this model, it is 3GB, even though 2GB is enough. So you can safely proceed to the extraction of promising coins, the course of which does not cease to please.

Instruction mining ether at 7970

The first step is to select a pool. Alone, you can mine too, but it is too expensive. To achieve a good result will help the union with other participants. And the more users in the pool, the better. The operation of this service is simple. He distributes the task of calculation between all users. I hit the target alone – the block was formed. All participants received a reward in video cryptocurrency. So, we start the extraction of ether (using the Ethminer program):

  1. We enter the pool, fill out the form and activate the account through the link in the letter that comes to the email. Mail.
  2. Having entered the account, we create a worker (the worker is the key connecting the pool and the processor). To do this, select the tab with such keys, create a login and password, then click “Add”.
  3. Set up automatic payments. Specify a number (from 0.01 ETH) and wallet data.
  4. Choose a program. When a worker appears, go to the Ethereum settings via the Help tab and click on ethereum / tree / master / releases. A list of programs will appear, which is constantly updated. You need to download the archive at the very end.
  5. We transfer data from the downloaded file to drive C.
  6. We start the mining of ether. We first call the command line and set the path to the repository and the name in the console that appears. Click Enter. Next, enter this: ethminer -G -S coinotron.com:3344 –O. Press Enter again.

To mine the Ether on the Radeon HD 7970 video card, it is convenient to use Ethminer. There are several programs for the extraction of this cryptocurrency, but this one is the simplest. Especially suitable for inexperienced users. Experienced users, of course, can connect through other pools.

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Is a single-chip model better than a dual-chip analog?

It was decided to test the new product and compare it with other models. The results are impressive. Video card 7970 was the most productive today. With that, it is single-chip.

Overclocking the new Radeon is the fastest graphics card. Ahead of overclocked dual-chip analogs! With standard 925 MHz, the GPU overclocked to 1160 without increasing the voltage. This is a very good indicator. Recently, video cards do not accelerate well.

There are no flaws in this model. Well, is it a high price. But it is fully compensated by good overclocking potential and high performance. As for the cooling system, with a manual increase in speed to 70% and further, a lot of noise rises. But if the video card is not touched, allowing it to function in standard mode, then it works almost silently.


The Radeon HD 7970 video card, with which Ethereum mining can make a good profit, is practically the same as the 6970 predecessor. The dimensions are almost the same: length – 26.25 cm, width – 11.25 cm. However, there are differences.

The front side of the video card is covered with glossy plastic with a scarlet inset in the middle. Stylish design looks more refined than its predecessor. On the back side there is no heat dissipation plate, like the Radeon 6970. There are changes in the cooling system. The fan comes with blades wider than the previous model, and a massive impeller. Other changes: one DVI port remained on the rear bracket. Now the hot air will come out through the expanded grille.

Let’s sum up

The new graphics card from AMD is different:

  • High performance
  • Low heat dissipation
  • Low energy consumption
  • Innovative proprietary technologies
  • Large ram memory

All this makes the HD 7970 graphics card the best single-processor solution. New in many ways superior to dual-processor HD 6970. Choosing from these models, it is better to give preference to HD 7970.

If you have enough money, and you are interested in a great overclocking potential, purchase a new Radeon HD from AMD. This is the most productive single-processor video adapter. This model has proven itself in mining cryptocurrency and is used to this day.

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