Kingston A2000 1TB PCIe NVMe M.2 SSD

The launch of the gen4 PCIe standard will not only be the most important this summer. It offers very high bandwidth for compatible storage units. That is, 5GB / s is not available. But beyond this important milestone, you should know that cheap SSD launches are important.

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For example, Kingston, which goes on the market with the A2000. A very accessible SSD whose write rates should not be neglected, even if it is somewhere below the average transfer rates.

But why is this release important? Because it has the role of increasing the adoption rate of SSD.

I no longer plan to use a PC with HDD. After starting to use a NAS and permanently remove the HDD from the PC case, I don’t want to go back to that combination of SSD and HDD. Fast SSD for the operating system and a slightly slower one for games seems to me the ideal intermediate step so far that I will allow identical SSDs.

The A2000 is an accessible m.2 SSD aimed at low-budget DIY enthusiasts. As expected, the A2000 is an accessible SSD with promised write speeds of 2000 MB / s and read 2200MB / s. It does not compete with any superior SSD, but the price is its asset. In the shop SPDigital we can find it at $ 149,440 CLP.

For the A2000, Kingston used Micron’s 3D NAND TLC and perhaps the most important feature is 256-bit AES hardware encryption. TCG Opal 2.0 is also compatible with this.

The controller is Silicon Motion SM2263ENG, one of the most popular SSD drivers.

Although not extremely important, the A1000 SSD is unilateral and implicitly thinner than a normal SSD. But the same was true for the first model of the A series, the A1000.

The A2000 is available in 3 versions, and the 500 GB and 1 TB versions have identical write and read speeds, 2000 MB / s and 2200 MB / s. The 250 GB, has 2000 MB / s and 1100 MB / s.

In addition, 4K random is different and the number is IOPS. The 1TB with the highest values, that is, 250000 IOPS in writing and 220000 IOPS in reading.

In addition, Terabytes Writen is different. If we have 600 TB in the 1 TB version, 350 TB is specified in the 500 GB, and in the 250 GB we have only 150 TB.


Performance as expected of a 1Me drive NVMe SSD.

Final Words

Of course, this is a very big update in terms of transfer rates from the A1000 to A2000. And not only this aspect is important, but in this period Intel 660p is sold as hot bread because it has a very good price. And the Kingston A2000 is positioned exactly in that price range.

Even if it has an excellent price, performance is in the average area and for this reason it may seem low for performance. But among SSDs with similar prices / GB is excellent.