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криптовалюта Avalanche AVAX

Avalanche Is a platform dedicated to running DeFi applications and deploying enterprise blockchain networks in a scalable, unified ecosystem. Supports all the same development tools that Ethereum supports. Online transactions are confirmed in one second.

On September 22, 2020, the Avalanche (AVAX) cryptocurrency was added to the list of coins on the Binance exchange (site: binance.com) (trading in pairs AVAX / BUSD, AVAX / BTC, AVAX / BNB, AVAX / USDT is open). Avalanche mainnet blockchain network launched. Developers currently estimate the network bandwidth at 4500 transactions per second.

Avalanche is clearly created as a competitor to Ethereum, or rather the upcoming Ethereum 2.0 launch. Immediately after listing on the exchange, the rate of its token soared by 650% (from $ 0.85 to $ 5.55).

Avalanche mainnet is live! Whether you’re an enterprise, decentralized organization, developer, token user, or enthusiast, Avalanche has something for you. Learn more: https://t.co/BAZTRtOIP7

— Avalanche (@avalancheavax) September 22, 2020

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Avalanche price chart (AVAX)

AVAX / USTD price chart on Binance platform:

general information

BlockchainAvax Network
Total emission720 000 000 AVAX
Course on 09/22/205,89 $
Official sitehttps://ru.avalabs.org/
ExchangesBinance, BigONE, BKEX

Key features of the Avalanche platform

Avalanche (abbreviated as Ava), according to the developers, is the first smart contract platform to confirm transactions in less than a second and also supports the full suite of Ethereum tools. Key technological points:

  • Innovative consensus protocol – safer, more efficient and more decentralized, with the ability to scale to millions of participants.
  • Already during the operation of the test network, thousands of people were involved who created full-fledged business solutions on it.
  • The project is focused on maximum openness to users. The lightweight architecture does not require expensive hardware.
  • VISA-level network bandwidth.
  • Support for application segmentation, which allows developers to deploy applications, the functionality of which will fully meet their needs.
  • Full support for Ethereum virtual machine and tools such as MyEtherWallet, MetaMask, Remix, TruffleSuite.
  • Support for non-replaceable NFT tokens. The plans are to launch their registry.
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As a result, Avalanche offers complete programmability at both the application and network levels. Developers can effectively and securely control personal data and manage their applications.

Avalanche architecture

The architecture of the cryptocurrency project Avalanche
The architecture of the cryptocurrency project Avalanche

Ava provides two different consensus mechanisms at the moment:

  • Easy to configure, parallelizable, DAG optimized. Differs in high productivity.
  • Ideal for smart contracts and blockchains, as streamlined as possible. Also highly productive.

In addition, Avalanche has virtual machines – this is special code that builds databases using consensus. A database can be any structure that needs to be synchronized across multiple computers, be it DAG, blockchain, etc. The logic of each virtual machine can be deployed multiple times on separate subnets. Each virtual machine instance is a blockchain. It has a ChainID and can only be assigned to one subnet. However, the blockchain can be deployed any number of times within a subnet.

Types of subnets:

  • Platform Chain is a chain for metadata. Allows you to create new sub-networks and keep track of existing ones.
  • Exchange Chain is the main blockchain for working with assets. Allows you to make cross-chain transactions between subnets, exchange assets and create new ones.
  • Contract Chain – smart contract level. Allows the development of smart contracts for any purpose, compatible with Ethereum. The Snowman consensus protocol is used.
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AVAX token and its purpose

cryptocurrency token Avalanche AVAX
cryptocurrency token Avalanche AVAX

The AVAX cryptocurrency is a native token of the Avalanche platform. The maximum emission will be 720 million, of which 360 million (50%) will remain in the mainnet. It is the basic unit of account in the Avalanche network. It provides access to a wide range of services and key security guarantees. In addition, it provides owners with control options.

The deficit is met by burning transaction fees. The speed at which the maximum limit is reached is adjustable.

The user can receive AVAX by staking. The reward received by a validator for a validation is proportional to that validator’s total stake. Also, the longer the tokens are locked, the greater the reward. Validators help the network to function properly, as they are responsible for verifying its functionality and the legality of payments.

Where to store AVAX

cryptocurrency wallets for Avalanche AVAX
cryptocurrency wallets for Avalanche AVAX

The platform offers users its own wallet https://wallet.avax.network/. After following the link, click “Create a new wallet”, save and confirm the recovery phrase.

storage of cryptocurrency Avalanche AVAX
storage of cryptocurrency Avalanche AVAX

After that, you immediately get access to the wallet from where you can send and receive Avalanche tokens (AVAX).

Where to buy, sell, trade AVAX

For this purpose, you can use the Binance exchange, which was among the first to add the coin to its listing. Register or log into your account, go to the “Spot Wallet” section. Refill your account with the currency you are going to give away. Currently available pairs AVAX / BUSD, AVAX / BTC, AVAX / BNB and AVAX / USDT for spot trading.

buy, sell cryptocurrency token AVAX
buy, sell cryptocurrency token AVAX

Then find the Avalanche token (AVAX) in the list in the wallet, click the “Trade” button and select the appropriate pair from the available options. After switching to the trading terminal, it remains to create a token for the exchange operation and wait for its completion.

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Advantages and disadvantages


  • A worthy competitor to Ethereum that is ready to offer users an increased level of scalability.
  • Excellent testnet results.
  • Thoughtful token economy. The artificial creation of a deficit is envisaged.
  • Own blockchain and wallet.
  • A lot of information about the project, creators, technologies. Including in Russian.


  • Strong competition from Ethereum 2.0, which is about to launch.


Avalanche looks like a good alternative for developers who want to build decentralized apps, but are put off by Ethereum’s slow performance. Recently, the ether network has been in a fever, commissions are too high, transactions take a long time. The blockchain is clearly unable to cope with the load. Against this background, the launch of Avalanche came in handy.

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